Canadian Mormons

by Carma T. Prete, Roy A. Prete

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This book gives a panoramic view of the rise and progress of the LDS Church in Canada. It has all the elements of a great saga, including that of early faithful missionaries preaching in eastern Canada without "purse or scrip" in the 1830s and 1840s and the exodus of early Canadian converts who joined with the main body of the Church and trekked across the Great Plains to Utah. It tells of Mormon pioneers from Utah arriving in southern Alberta after 1887, having made a second grand trek to escape their persecutors and details the settlement of Mormons in Alberta. It is the story of an ongoing missionary effort into the twenty-first century with a vast number of missionaries and the sustained effort of thousands of members laboring relentlessly to build up a Church that now consists of nearly 200,000.

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Size8.5 x 11
PublishedRSC BYU and Deseret Book 2017

About the Authors

Carma T. Prete

Carma T. Prete received her BA in history at Brigham Young University. She has researched, written, and edited materials on Latter-day Saint history in eastern Ontario. She was an associate editor of Zion Shall Come Forth: A History of the Ottawa Ontario Stake. She is the author of "We do not doubt our mothers knew it.": Latter-day Saint pioneers in the Shannon View Saskatchewan Area, 1905-1969.

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Roy A. Prete

Roy A. Prete is emeritus professor of history at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario. He obtained his MA from Brigham Young University and his PhD from the University of Alberta. He has published several articles on World War I and a book, Strategy and Command: The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1914. He is the editor or coeditor of eight books.

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By , Submitted on 2018-08-09

I have had the opportunity and blessing to travel a good part of this great country and to see growth and development of the Church in different areas over the years. I had heard many stories as well from my parents and grandparents about early days in Southern Alberta. I was part of the growth of the Church in the Calgary and Edmonton areas. Through my travels with work, I witnesses the growth in Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as some of what was happening in B.C. and Ontario. To read the compiled history of these areas was a treat to get things straight and differentiate the oral history from the real events as they happened and were recorded. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the many accounts, recognizing several people in the various accounts. I was even able to provide "the rest of the story" to some of the events in the book of which I had been a subsequent participant. The best part was that I learned much more about my heritage than I had known and added to my understanding of the many events and people that went into establishing the Church in this great land. It was a read that was well worthwhile and a great enjoyment, while expanding my knowledge and understanding of events in Canada and what led to them.

Canadian Mormons
By , Submitted on 2018-05-16

As a former LDS missionary serving in Canada (1958-1960), I have greatly appreciated the remarkable contribution of the LDS Canadian members to the growth and progress of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormons") in Canada and upon the great nation of Canada. Therefore, I was extremely pleased to learn of the recently published book, Canadian Mormons, by Deseret Book. It is a remarkably well written and illustrated history of the Mormon people in Canada. The team of authors, editors, designers, illustrators, and photographers are all to be highly commended. This book is a most wonderful read! It captures in a uniquely beautiful and touching way the profound contributions of many, many of the faithful members from the early beginnings of the Church in Canada until the present day. So many of the leaders of the Church in the early days of the Restoration and continuing until today have either come from Canada or have spent time there in their ministries as missionaries, local members and leaders, as General Authorities or as other general officers. However, it is the sterling faith, profound service and devotion, and the unflinching courage of the Canadian Mormon members over the past 175 years that is the heart of this remarkable book. Every reader will be touched, inspired, and rewarded as they pursue it pages feasting upon the beautiful accounts of remarkable faith, service, sacrifice, character, devotion, and courage of the many, many wonderful Mormon Saints in Canada!

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