Mission President or Spy?

by Mary Jane Woodger

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This book offers a glimpse at the life of Wallace F. Toronto with emphasis on the World War II era. Saints in Czechoslovakia had the same amount of time to prepare themselves for resistance to the Communist and Nazi regimes as those in other countries, yet they fared much better, mostly because of Toronto. As seen in this narrative, Toronto experienced missionary work in the most diverse of circumstances, yet he established a foothold so firm that Czechs, as stubborn believers, endured war and almost sixty years of repression.

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Size6 x 9
PublishedDeseret Book and RSC BYU 2018

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Mary Jane Woodger

Mary Jane Woodger is a professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University. After obtaining a bachelor's degree from BYU, she received an MEd degree at Utah State University and earned an EdD in educational leadership from BYU. She is the author or coauthor of more than a dozen books.

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