New Testament History, Culture, and Society

by Lincoln H. Blumell

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This volume offers valuable perspectives from biblical scholars on the background of the New Testament texts, including the Jewish and Greco-Roman cultures of the time. It ranges from the law of Moses and intertestamental period to the First Jewish Revolt of AD 66-73 and the canonization of the New Testament. Over forty New Testament scholars and experts contributed to this comprehensive volume. Here is just a small sampling of those writers: Robert L. Millet, John W. Welch, Andrew C. Skinner, Kent P. Jackson, Thomas A. Wayment, Terry B. Ball, Noel Reynolds, and Frank F. Judd Jr. The book is divided into several themes, including Jesus in the Gospels, the Apostle Paul, New Testament issues and contexts, and what transpired after the New Testament.

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Size7 x 10
PublishedDeseret Book and RSC BYU 2019

About the Author

Lincoln H. Blumell

Lincoln H. Blumell received a BA in classical and early Christian studies from the University of Calgary, an MA from the University of Calgary in religious studies (ancient Christianity), and MSt from Oxford (Christ Church) in Jeweish studies, and a PhD from the University of Toronto in religious studies (early Christianity). Before coming to BYU, he held a visiting assistant professorship in the Department of Classical Studies at Tulane University in new Orleans. He is associate professor of ancient scripture at BYU.

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