Running Down Your Dreams

by Hank Smith

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Hank Smith has been entertaining and inspiring his listeners for years with talks that teach important gospel principles in unique and memorable ways. In Running Down Your Dreams, Hank is back with a powerful message about setting goals, overcoming obstacles, achieving dreams, and, most important, following the Savior. He reminds listeners to remember their divine heritage. “If you want something to happen in your life, make it happen. You are the children of a Creator — He expects you to create.” Using the analogy of a marathon, Hank shares stories and examples of ways we can “finish the race.” He points out that we can have a positive influence on others when we strive to achieve our goals. “If you want to inspire your family and your friends, don’t just be their cheerleader,” says Brother Smith. “Show them how to break through limitations, and they will follow you. They will want to do it just like you have done.” Running Down Your Dreams shares a life-changing message of inspiration and motivation that the whole family will enjoy.

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Hank Smith

Hank Smith teaches in the Religious Education Department at BYU and is a favorite speaker for Especially for Youth, Best of Especially for Youth, and BYU Education Week. Hank and his wife, Sara, were both born and raised in St. George, Utah. They are the parents of one daughter and two sons. Brother Smith enjoys running marathons and eating lots and lots of ice cream (which is why he runs marathons). More than anything else, he loves being at home spending all day with his wife and children.

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Running Down Your Dreams
By , Submitted on 2017-08-31

This CD was given to my teenager by his older sister. He loved that it was about running, but also loved the message. Hank Smith has a wonderful way of teaching the youth in a way that makes them want to listen. I can't recommend this CD enough!!

Running Down Your Dreams, CD by Hank Smith, Also: Being Happy in an Unhappy World.
By , Submitted on 2016-11-15

I thought both of these were very good.. They are my favorite of his so far

I loved this cd!!
By , Submitted on 2016-09-09

I loved this Cd so much! it was totally worth the 12 dollars of babysitting money! I listen to this cd constantly and it never fails to make my family and I laugh as we listen to it on the way to church/seminary. I would totally recommend this cd!

Killer!--In the best way :-)
By , Submitted on 2016-03-30

Hank Smith doesn't just tell stories to demonstrate a principle, he knocks it out of the park! I have not found anyone else who can be so spiritual, yet have you laughing out loud. It is such a nice balance! This is the first of his talks that I'd ever heard, and it couldn't have been better. My friend gave it to me when I was in a slump, and not only did it get me out of my slump, it inspired me so much that it affected my family! Cannot say enough great things about this!

Chase down your dreams!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This was a fun one to listen to--even laughed out loud a few times. Uplifting and inspiring--chase down your dreams! Great for the start of a new school year, or a mid-year slump, it will encourage you to dream big and make things happen.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I think this is the best Hank Smith CD to date! Even though his CDs are marketed for adolescents, my husband I both enjoy listening to all his CDs--especially this one. Super funny as always with a great message. This would make a great gift for anyone :-) I always buy a few extra to have on hand for birthday gifts and everyone who receives them always comment on how much they love them. I'm going to buy a few more of "Running Down Your Dreams" for graduation gifts and missionaries.

Keep these CDs by Hank Smith coming! We love them!

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