Ruth (34x26 Framed Giclee Canvas)

by Sandra Rast

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Product Description

"I put the beauty and softness in her eyes to represent the beauty of her inner attributes, that she's good and gracious with dignity and charity on the inside. You have to paint the outside to show she internally had those characteristics we all seek." – Sandra B. Rast

Other symbols found in the painting include the light around Ruth's head, which represents revelation, kowledge, and truth. The heavy use of gold in the background and the color of the wheat symbolize things that are pure and precious, as well as the celestial kingdom, our ultimate goal. Ruth's hands are a focal point of the piece, showing her strength and representing providence and blessings, especially those that come through work.

About the Author

Sandra Rast

From Sandra’s earliest memories the love of art and the passion for painting and drawing have been a great influence and factor in her personality and life. She grew up in a family of 8 children. She has always been hard at work with anything that she is involved in.

In her youth she worked bagging potatoes at the family produce company as well as working to help take care of her younger siblings at home. Growing up she was surrounded by a large family, pet chickens, lambs, a homemade greenhouse and a grandfather who was nicknamed Johnny Appleseed.

Her desire to paint and to continue her education led her to study fine art at Brigham Young University as well as the University of Utah. She continued work at the family trucking business as the Chief Financial Officer for many years. Honesty and Integrity are things that have always been a part of her life.

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