Sacred Places, Vol. 2: New York and Pennsylvania

by Lamar C. Berrett

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The culmination of over twenty-five years of research and study, Deseret Book's new travel series, Sacred Places, will bring Church history to life for individuals and families alike. In their endeavor to help guide interested Saints to places made sacred by the sacrifices of those who have gone before, LaMar C. Berrett and the other series authors have filled Sacred Places with the best information available about our Church history sites.

New York and Pennsylvania, the second volume of the series, takes readers to sites at the heart of the Restoration — the Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah, the Book of Mormon publication site, the Peter Whitmer Farm, and Harmony, Pennsylvania, where the Prophet Joseph met Emma and where much of the Book of Mormon was translated. Among these are innumerable lesser-known sites in New York City, upstate New York, and Pennsylvania that tell the story of the Church's earliest years and first converts, including Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, Parley P. Pratt, and Emma Smith.

Packed with dozens of maps and hundreds of photographs, the Sacred Places series is the perfect companion for your Church history tour. Sacred Places — New York and Pennsylvania will help you discover the sites and stories that mark the Church's glorious beginning.

About the Author

Lamar C. Berrett

LaMar C. Berrett is a professor emeritus of Church history and doctrine at BYU. The author of Discovering the World of the Bible, he has conducted many tours to the Holy Land and Church history sites.

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