Sacred Places, Vol. 4: Missouri

by Max H. Parkin, Lamar C. Berrett

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The culmination of more than twenty-five years of research and study, Sacred Places brings Church history to life for students, scholars, and families — anyone interested in seeing the sites and reliving the events of the early days of the Restoration. Missouri, the fourth volume in the series, takes readers to such locations as Adam-ondi-Ahman, Independence, Far West, and Gallatin. It also describes places that evoke vivid images in the mind of Latter-day Saints: Liberty Jail, Haun's Mill, and the site of the Battle at Crooked River. Sacred Places: Missouri will help Church members discover the sites and stories that mark the Church's historic early days.

About the Authors

Max H. Parkin

Max H. Parkin holds a Ph.D. from BYU in Church history. A former institute instructor, he is the author of Conflict at Kirtland and directs tours to Church history sites and to the Middle East.

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Lamar C. Berrett

LaMar C. Berrett is a professor emeritus of Church history and doctrine at BYU. The author of Discovering the World of the Bible, he has conducted many tours to the Holy Land and Church history sites.

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