Safe Haven

by Jean Holbrook Mathews


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With her family left destitute by her father’s recent death, Susanna Thayer believes her only hope is to marry life-long friend Jonathan Burnley. But Jonathan heeds the counsel of his father, an unscrupulous lawyer, to marry a cousin of greater wealth and position, and Susanna is forced to endure grueling labor in a cotton mill far from her remaining family. When she and her best friend, Jane, become involved with the Mormon Church and are thus dismissed from employment, they use their meager savings for travel to New York, where they join a company of Saints bound for California. Yet Susanna’s efforts to build a new life are marked by continued misfortune — and continued encounters with Jonathan. Now a wealthy widower, Jonathan offers Susanna safe haven for the future, but can she forgive him for abandoning her in the past?

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PublishedCovenant Communications Inc (February 1, 2013)
Audiobook NarratorAubrey Warner
Runtime9 Hours

About the Author

Jean Holbrook Mathews

Jean Holbrook Mathews has been a student of history and geography most of her life. She served as the administrative director for an international foundation headquartered in St. Louis with chapters in five countries, including the Philippines. She has traveled in Asia and Europe and lived in the Philippines for nearly two years while on a mission with her husband for the LDS Church. During that time she studied the culture, history, geography, government, and language of that nation, learning to love the people and those beautiful islands.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As I sit here in my warm home, surrounded by my many electronic devices, convenient foods and abundant blessings I am always humbled by stories like this....
How blessed we are by the hardships of our ancestors!
Susanna feels that life is well planned for her and that her future is a bright one.
Then things start to fall apart and she is asked to step out into an unknown future.
Time and time again her path is shown a different direction...but she "takes life by the horns" and tries to make the best of each situation.
Each time she feels that she has found her "safe haven" the Lord closes that door and opens a new one which she must learn to trust.
Filled with raw emotions, pains, trials, friendship and love Susanna is lead to a better filled with the gospel.

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