Salt Lake Temple Brick Set

by Brick'em Young Temples

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Small salt lake temple

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Spend time as a family putting together the Salt Lake temple. This unique puzzle is made up of 445 pieces including customized temple spires, windows, doors and Angel Moroni figurine. Our bricks have been certified and tested to ensure full adherence to high quality industry standards. Build time of around 1 hour. Ideal set for younger builders.

About the Author

Brick'em Young Temples

The founders of BRICK'EM YOUNG are parents of two boys and two girls, all age 9 and less. As a family we have always enjoyed building things with toy bricks. Our children have spent most of their lives in China. The closest LDS temple is in Hong Kong which is a two hour plane ride away. As we thought of ways to better connect our children to the temple, we decided to put pictures of temples in their bedrooms. The idea of using brick building blocks to build temples created great excitement in our children. It was extremely gratifying to hear the words coming out their mouth when they finished constructing their first toy brick temple model. We want to share this experience with as many families as possible!

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Gifts for Grandkids
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

I bought 3 small Salt Lake Temple kits for my young grand kids after buying the more complex kit for my older grandson. He loved his so much! I wanted to have my younger grand kids to have a temple they had made for themselves in their rooms.

By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

my 5 year old son and his 11 year old cousin had no problems following the instructions to build the small Salt Lake City temple. My 5 year old probably wouldn't have been able to do it by himself, or it would have been more of a long term project, but I think that's pretty age appropriate. They both LOVED it!

Fun birthday gift
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

I bought the temple brick set for my son's 30th birthday to put together with this 3 sons. They LOVED it! Thanks for the prompt shipping!

Looks great on our shelf
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

It was fun for our family and looks great on our shelf. They're a little more difficult to put together than bricks, but are worth it.

Fun family project
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

This was the perfect fun family project.

Kind of frustrating
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

My kids loved the idea of building a temple, but they said the "bricks" hurt their hands and were kind of hard to put together. Bricks didn't stay together very well, when they tried to add parts, other parts would fall apart, kind of frustrating. BUT we love the concept and it's fun to see it all complete.

Great baptism gift
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

Priesthood day gift is next. Keep them coming guys. The grandsons had to get grounded from it for a day they got so wound up!

I love the idea
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

I love the idea! We've made brick's a family affair for years and it's soo neat to be able to build the temples! However, the cut on these pieces are a bit too tight. Be prepared to have very sore thumbs for days after building if the small thin one piece bricks are prevalent like in the Salt Lake City Temple. Thankfully we had a brick tool that helped save our thumbs when applying the smallest bricks. And the pieces fit so tightly that taking it apart in order to rebuild it, would prove challenging. Overall, we like the finished product. A wonderful option to have available!

Awesome family fun
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

My kids loved building the Salt Lake City Temple. We had fun doing it together. The only improvement I would suggest would be better instructions. They were adequate, but they could be refined a bit. Great product and we will most likely purchase more.

By , Submitted on 2016-02-10

You get almost 3xs the bricks as a similarly priced name brand set and my boys have loved this product and using a coupon from Deseret Book we were able to get a better deal here than anywhere else we looked. We promised them they could display it in the front room and they couldn't be more proud of their temple. It took us over a week of spacing it out between school and other obligations and it was a fun bonding thing to do with them (I have 2 boys 6 & 8 who worked on it with me). The 8 year old was able to do things and understand the instructions on his own, the 6 year old needed a lot more guidance. The finished product looks wonderful and I liked the look and the intricate details they incorporated into the actual temple piece. I had difficulty with the fact that the pieces aren't broken up into individual project bags like the bigger name block sets, so we had to keep the bags into larger baggies once they were opened, and I had some difficulty reading the manual, but my boys didn't. They are already eagerly anticipating their birthdays to buy the next temples on their "to-do" list (San Diego & Washington DC)!

Horrible Quality
By , Submitted on 2015-12-28

Pros -
Salt Lake Temple - great idea

Cons -
Poor quality - Very 3rd party feel to the bricks. Don't fit together like you would expect, especially from the big names. Seem bricks you are forcing together, others are so loosely put together, that they fall apart being lifted. More often then not, the problem is they don't fit and are being forced together. Bricks have scratches and gouges on them also causing the bricks to not fit together. With the big names in the brick business, you stack 4 pieces together, you get a nice straight tower. Due to the poor quality, instead of a straight little tower, you get something more resembling the leaning tower of Piza, causing them to be difficult to let stack together as they don't line up as they should. Visible air gaps between the bricks.

Poor instructions - instead of the clean, one step per page instructions, these fit 6 steps per page and are difficult to see, let alone try to make sense of what they are doing. Almost need a magnifying glass to be able to see what they contain.

Cost to brick quality - Seems like a high price being paid, especially for the quality of the bricks received.

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