Saving Lucie Cole

by Lynne Larson

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Southern Utah, 1903 Despite the scorching heat of the long carriage ride from St. George to Salt Lake City, nothing can dim Lucie’s joy—bound for her wedding. The only shadow over her anticipation is the inexplicable feeling she’s sensed for weeks: the impression that she’s being watched . . . Young Ladies general board member Ruth May Fox is eager to return home after a lengthy trip to the outlying towns of Southern Utah. She’s cherished the opportunity to touch the lives of the young women, but after several weeks of travel, she’s prepared to enjoy an uneventful journey home in the company of a young bride-to-be. Her peace is short-lived, however—not long into their journey, the arrival of a threatening stranger spells disaster for the traveling party. He wants Lucie Cole as his bride, and he’ll stop at nothing to get her. Determined to help her new young friend, Ruth embarks on a perilous adventure that will take her deep into the bleak desert. And as danger threatens on all sides, her rescue mission may prove far more deadly than she could have dreamed. . . .

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PublishedCovenant Communications (January 3, 2014)

About the Author

Lynne Larson

Lynne Larson is an award-winning teacher and writer with a special interest in western history, particularly as It relates to women. Several of her stories, essays, and articles have appeared in regional magazines, as well as in Latter-day Saint publications.

Her novel, In the Shadow of an Angel, grew from her great regard for the pioneers who put the statue of Moroni on the temple long ago, never realizing the changes that would come as the golden figure watched over their Zion for the next one hundred years. Nor could those early builders fully imagine the generations coming after them, for whom the statue would be a beacon and a guide, millions of people, each with a life to live and a story to tell, and all connected by the angel on the spire.

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