The Savior's Symbols

by Mark A. Amacher


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The Savior's Symbols examines the context and significance of the symbols the Lord used in his teachings. Author Mark A. Amacher outlines each teaching opportunity, describes the characters, and helps you understand to whom these symbolic messages were directed. This insightful book invites you ponder anew the life, ministry, and sacred mission of Jesus Christ.

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Mark A. Amacher

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Seven Affirmations from the Life of the Master~~What a beautiful book to read right before the coming of Easter!
I loved in the preface how the author wrote:

"This work invites you to think expansively and to feel differently about Christ. His symbols inspire feelings and insights as you study his words. While you ponder the circumstances and messages of each symbol, you will, if you choose, come to know Him better."

Each chapter is a different symbol: Wine, Water, Bread, Stone, Oil, The Shepherd and the Lamb, Alpha and Omega;

Scriptural stories, and hymn text are sprinkled throughout to illustrate each symbolism.

I also loved this thought that "our lives can also become symbols of the Savior as we desire, seek, receive, act, and radiate the Light and Love of Christ daily in our lives."

Give yourself a gift this Easter to study from the pages of this beautiful book :)

Included in the book are beautiful paintings by Jeffrey Hein, Michael Malm, and Nathan Pinnock

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