Scriptural Insights and Commentary: The New Testament

by Taylor Halverson

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Broaden your perspective and discover anew the power of scripture study alongside gospel scholar Dr. Taylor Halverson in Scriptural Insights and Commentary: The New Testament. This vivid narrative offers readers a unique look at the world during New Testament times, beginning with the centuries-long period between Malachi and Matthew. What follows is an in-depth discussion of the lesser-known details behind key sections of the New Testament and the eternal truths to be gleaned from them—from the characteristics of the scriptural authors to the religious and political traditions of the time to verse-by-verse discussions of the finer points of doctrine. In a world awash with strife, it is more important than ever to improve scriptural literacy and gain a personal witness of the truths found in holy scriptures.

About the Author

Taylor Halverson

Dr. Halverson is an aspiring master learner, seeking to learn from everyone he meets, everything he reads, and everything he experiences. His personal and professional passion is to empower learners to experience the joy of becoming. He fulfills his passion in a variety of ways: he is a Brigham Young University teaching and learning consultant, a prolific author of more than 200 articles and books, an educational travel leader to destinations worldwide, and an inspiring teacher. He holds a PhD in Judaism and Christianity in antiquity and another PhD in instructional systems technology.

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