Searching for Irene

by Marlene Bateman Sullivan

Searching for irene

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Anna Coughlin is a modern 1920s woman, armed with a college education and a partiality for numbers. Now, within the walls of a fantastic castle-like mansion in the hills of Virginia, her skill will be tested as never before. Hired to serve as financial advisor to wealthy Lawrence Richardson, Ann finds the welcome she receives anything but warm. Lawrence's handsome but antagonistic son Tyler wants nothing more than to send her packing. The household staff isn't much better, but who can blame them, considering the way Lawrence's last advisor, Irene, disappeared...

Convinced that one of the enigmatic members of the household had something to do with Irene's disappearance, Anna doesn't dare trust anyone—not even temperamental Tyler Richardson, who, despite her best intentions, is beginning to steal her heart.

A series of frightening incidents ensnare Anna in a maze of intrigue, putting her life in peril. But even as Anna begins uncovering the secrets hidden within the mansion's stone walls, she harbors a secret of her own. Now, the only question that remains is whether she will disappear as mysteriously as Irene.

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PublishedCovenant Communications 2017


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Clues all over this 1920s Castle!
By , Submitted on 2017-07-19

I enjoyed this good, clean mystery set in the 1920s. It was interesting to see a different time period. I loved the setting of the modern-day castle! Bateman did an excellent job of dropping numerous bread crumbs, continually leading the reader off the trail of the killer. The main character, Anna, has quite the secret and stumbles upon several clues in her search for Irene. At times, Anna was a bit frustrating with her indecision and flip-flopping back and forth on who she could trust or fall for romantically. Bateman created a page-turner where I wanted to reach in and tell Anna what to do! I enjoyed the many facets of the mystery and would recommend to anyone needing to get their mystery fix.

By , Submitted on 2017-07-17

This was an interesting book. I found I loved each individual character by themselves. I loved most of them together, but I had a hard time following some of their "mood swings." It was obvious that Anna had something to hide in the beginning, and as her secrets were revealed, I wondered if they were revealed too early in the storyline. In the end, her secrets were laid out at the right time which helped things along. As the story progressed though, I had a hard time figuring out who the culprit was. Just as I was solid with evidence and person, something else would happen that caused me to question my deduction. When everything came to a conclusion I still felt confusion. As I thought about it I felt like there were too many red herrings for my taste. I will have to go back through the story again to see if I missed some cleverly hidden clues as to the true guilty party. I'd be curious to see what other people think about this.

Loved this one, the plot is so suspenseful!
By , Submitted on 2017-07-17

I really liked everything about this book! I liked the plot, the characters, the setting, the suspensefulness of the whole thing! It really is a great book.

Let's start with Anna. I liked her as a main character. I liked the way that even the reader doesn't know that she has a secret until quite a bit into the story. I liked her strength. She doesn't know what happened to Irene, but she's determined to find out. She's also determined to figure out just who had anything to do with her disappearance. All of her determination puts her in just as much danger as Irene faced.

You don't see the story through any of the other character's eyes, so the reader has no idea just who the criminal is, just that they are somewhere on the estate. That makes it a bit hard for the reader to really like any of the other characters, at least for me. I had a hard time knowing who Anna could or should trust. And it turned out that I was right that she should trust no one until she was absolutely certain what had happened to Irene.

The plot was suspenseful and full of twists and turns. Mainly because Anna kept putting herself into dangerous situations that she should have avoided. The plot kept me guessing until the very end. I liked that the perpetrator wasn't revealed until the very last chapter. It made me want to read more and more until I had finished the book!

If you're a fan of suspense, you won't want to miss this one! So great!

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