Secrets: A Novel

by Blaine M. Yorgason, Sunny Oaks


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From the perspective of LDS bishop Frank Greaves, Blaine Yorgason

presents a realistic portrait on the effects of abuse and the process of

healing from it. Greaves never really encountered abuse situations until

called as bishop, and he deals with at least three counseling situations of

victims or abusers in his ward who have had problems with sexual, verbal,

and emotional abuse. In the midst of these experiences, he discovers that

his granddaughter has been abused by a babysitter. His wife is deeply

affected and reveals that she suffered from sexual abuse when she was

young. Suddenly, Bishop Greaves is surrounded by this horrible problem

that includes his family. The novel shares his feelings and those of the

other characters and shows how the bishop learns about abuse. He learns

what to do and what not to do when trying to help others, and he discovers

the best source of healing - the Atonement.

About the Authors

Blaine M. Yorgason

Blaine M. Yorgason is the author or co-author of more than seventy publications, including such best sellers as Charlie's Monument, The Windwalker— also an acclaimed feature film—and Chester, I Love You, released by Disney Productions as Thanksgiving Promise. He holds a master's degree in history with a specialization in the American West. He and his wife, Kathy, serve in the St. George Utah Temple.

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Sunny Oaks

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