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Gifted musician Catherine Clayton was born into a life of wealth and privilege. Following the death of her father, she makes a bold decision she hopes would make him proud: she's using the family money to establish a music school and offer free lessons to the underprivileged. A providential suggestion from an old college friend leads Catherine to select Riley, New York, as the perfect location for her new school.

Hit hard by the economic downturn, Riley personifies economic hardship: peeling paint, overgrown landscapes, and damaged buildings. But the damage runs much deeper than Catherine first realizes. Two years ago, Riley was rocked by weeks of vandalism followed by the brutal murder of beautiful elementary school secretary Olivia Perry. Everyone in town loved Olivia — but especially the two men with whom she was caught in a love triangle. Though the murder remains unsolved, Catherine receives ominous warnings that one of these men, Adam Becket, is responsible for one girl's death. Unimpressed by the lack of evidence against him, Catherine is drawn to the shy but endearing Adam. Could he really have been involved in Olivia's murder?

Just as Catherine is settling in and getting to know Adam, a vandal strikes again, and it's eerily reminiscent of the events surrounding Olivia's murder. The death threats splashed on the walls prove that killer is back — and this time, it's Catherine who wonders if she's come to the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Stephanie Black

STEPHANIE BLACK has loved books since she was old enough to grab the pages, and has enjoyed creating make-believe adventures since she and her sisters were inventing long Barbie games filled with intrigue and danger or running around pretending to be detectives. She is a three-time Whitney Award winner for Best Mystery/Suspense, most recently for Cold as Ice (2010). Stephanie was born in Utah and has lived in various places, including Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, and Limerick, Ireland. She currently lives in northern California and enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and their five children. She is a fan of chocolate, cheesecake, and her husband’s homemade bread.

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Classic Suspense
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Shadowed is loaded with great characters, suspense, and just the right amount of romance. Stephanie Black is a master of keeping the reader guessing right up to the very end. Her characters have depth and believability, and her writing style is clear and easy to read. You get drawn into the story and it's hard to put the book down until you reach the exciting conclusion.

The protagonist, Catherine, is strong and smart, but because of her privileged life she's also a little naive. Her personal struggles and flaws bring a nice realness to her character. Adam brings a starkly different element to the story as the man accused of murdering Olivia. I loved the way he dealt with the accusations.

I have many favorite parts and plot twists I want to mention, but I can't because it would be a spoiler. You'll just have to get a copy.

Anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel along the lines of the Mary Stewart classics will love Shadowed.

Buy this book!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Stephanie Black does it again!!! I can not tell you how much I loved this book! This story had me hooked from minute one. Most of the time I can tell who did it at the beginning of a book, but this one had me guessing till the last page. Stephanie has a wonderful gift. Keep it up Stephanie!!

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