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The scriptures promise that “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” Gaining a greater understanding of the signs of the times can go a long way in helping us be prepared in these last days. Covenant has combined the careful research and thoughtful insights of four LDS scholars and authors in this five-CD collection of talks and excerpts from audio books on this fascinating subject. Titles include:

  • Christ's Second Coming (Randall C. Bird)
  • The Second Coming: Great or Dreadful? (Curtis Jacobs)
  • Excerpts from the book Prophecies (Matthew B. Brown)
  • Excerpts from the book The Savior's Prophecies (Richard D. Draper)
  • Christ's Millennial Reign (Randall C. Bird)
  • The Millennium (Curtis Jacobs)

With more than five hours of material, this collection provides a unique and comprehensive resource of quotes from the Brethren, prophecies from the scriptures, and enlightening commentary to help you recognize and prepare for the signs of the last days.

5 CDs

About the Authors

Richard D. Draper

Dr. Richard D. Draper is an Emeritus Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU. He earned a PhD from BYU University in History in 1988 focusing on Near Eastern, Roman, and Early Christian History, with a minor in ancient Greek philosophy and literature. He was Associate Dean of Religious Education at BYU, 2004-2007 and Managing Director of Publications, 2001-2004.

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Curtis Jacobs

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Matthew B. Brown

Matthew B. Brown was a Latter-day Saint author and historian whose emphasis was on the history and doctrine of Joseph Smith and his successors through Brigham Young.

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Randall C. Bird

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