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Loved the Premise BUT. . .
By , Submitted on 2016-04-01

Whooee, I loved the premise of this book. What a great idea! Seriously. Honey bees are dying at an alarming rate and then someone finds a drone bee that is made to kill people. It has a camera on it so the operator can see to fly it and it has deadly poison on it's stinger. Creepy crazy, right?

The beginning of this book pulled me right in. Immediately I was in the thick of the honey bee problem and feeling the desperation and magnitude of the situation. As the book progressed, I'll admit that it lost a bit of it's appeal. I'm not sure exactly where things started to slip for me, but it all started feeling a bit off. A few of my peeves are nit picky (the character's name- Stu Whiteleather? Really? uugh.) (the girls sound like boys) and some are more valid and less nit picky, I think. The conversations when read aloud are sometimes stilted and not how regular younger people would talk, especially in extreme situations. The main relationship lacked depth.

I felt like there were situations and scenes that were just sort of randomly thrown in for the sake of making it more, I don't know, exciting? Or maybe just more? It didn't feel necessarily realistic- details were glossed over. And the ending? No. Just no.

Having said that, I would give this book a solid 3/5 stars. Like I said, the premise was fantastic and I loved the whole idea even if the execution was lacking a bit in parts for me. It gave me creeps to imagine how easily something like this really could happen and how devastating it would be. I grew up in California and I know someone who deals with honey bee's for a living. This is a chilling scenario to think about.

I love that the cover is a good representation of what is inside.

Content: Some violence and murders. Clean. LDS fiction.

Love this great suspense novel!
By , Submitted on 2016-03-28

I LOVE the way that Clair Poulson writes his suspense books! They are always full of suspense, you never know what's going to happen when you turn the page. The characters are always really well-written. And I always know that there's going to be a sweet, clean romance lurking somewhere in all of that suspense. This book is no different.

I loved the way that the author used the prologue and the epilogue, they are both from the point of view of some of the bees that are in the story. This is a really cute and fun idea that I hadn't seen before.

I loved Tiana. She's an amazing young woman just trying to be the best she can be and help her college professor find out just what is killing all of the bees in the area. I loved the courage she shows when it turns out that she is really the only person who can keep the study running and she sacrifices her own safety in order to keep the study running.

I loved Stu as well! I loved the way he goes out of his way to protect Tiana and really anyone who needs protecting during the turbulent times in the story. I love the way his character jumps off the page and you can just tell that he is a really good guy.

I loved the plot of this book! It is a fast moving, suspense filled book that kept me wanting to turn to the next page to find out what happened next. I had not guessed just who all of the players in this one were before they were revealed. I love books like this! I didn't want to put it down.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

By , Submitted on 2016-03-27

I found this book very fascinating at the beginning. It quickly drew me into the story and the premise was very intriguing. I got sucked into the characters and their problems, but as the mystery unfolded, I found myself feeling like some of the scenerios were forced. Then as I was trying to figure out who did it, I felt like things were just being dropped rather than foreshadowed. Even at the end of the book I spent time looking back and could kind of see how a reader might have possible come up with the ending, but there wasn't a lot. I'm not one that likes it really obvious but at the same time I like clever forshadowing and I felt this book lacked that. It was a good read though, and as I said, the premise is amazing. I'd recommend it for anyone who loves a mystery with a bit of romance.

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