by Nancy Cratty

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She closed her eyes and remembered that cold December night many years ago. Every detail played in her mind. Even the scents and chill of the night were vivid in her memory. And the silhouette. That horrible silhouette that haunted her thoughts and dreams. She tried to remember details of the dark form, but there were none. If only she . . . had made a different choice the night her young son disappeared. If only she hadn't made that drastic mistake.

Seventeen years ago, Leah and Garrett's three-year-old son was abducted. And for seventeen years they've been searching for him. Now, with their emotional and physical resources exhausted, Garrett feels that they need to face reality — Austin is never coming back.

But Leah can't let go, and her obsession with finding Austin takes a terrible toll on her relationship with her husband and their two daughters. The family is on the brink of collapse. Then a stranger appears who changes everything — perhaps not for the better. Compelling and stirring, Silhouette is a story of love, loss, and redemption, with real-life parallels that will affect the reader long after the last page is turned.

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