Simple Things: Daily Thoughts, Stories, and Inspiration to Live Life More Fully

by Lori Nawyn


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The struggles of mortality leave many women with feelings of discouragement and self-doubt. In those moments of hopelessness, the challenge to maintain an eternal perspective of one's worth can seem daunting. When despair descends, is it possible to confidently overcome trials—to thrive rather than merely survive?

Within the pages of Simple Things, women will gain the necessary tools to confront those self-limiting beliefs that prevent daughters of God from fully realizing their noble heritage. This moving collection of thoughts, stories, and scriptures provides ideas on how to nurture one's self and loved ones. By embracing the gently lessons shared in these inspired pages, even the most aching of spirits can emerge from the shadows to celebrate the glory of life with peace, joy, and hope.

About the Author

Lori Nawyn

Lori Nawyn always dreamed of writing and illustrating books. When she was ten, a fifth-grade essay contest gave her the confidence to proceed. From there, to having her first short story published in a Ririe, Idaho high school newsletter, to simultaneously working for two local newspapers, one regional paper, and freelancing for several national periodicals, she has discovered great personal satisfaction in the craft of writing. She feels her greatest blessings, however, have come from meeting the people whose stories she's helped to tell. She has gleaned a great appreciation for people in all walks of life and learned first-hand that every soul on this earth has something of value to impart.

In her works of both fiction and non-fiction, she enjoys bringing the philosophies and ideals of those she has met and interviewed not only onto the printed page but into the hearts of her readers. The courage of Utah aviator Ralph Glasgow, the passion of railroad enthusiast Delone Bradford Glover, the determination of her own grandfather, inventor H.L. Wiese, and the faith of pioneer candy maker Annorah Coleman Boden, are great examples which have encouraged her to strive to reach her personal best. But it is her grandmother, Esther, who has inspired her the most.

'She is the most phenomenal woman I've ever known. Throughout my life she has loved and believed in me and given me the courage to be who I am. A few years ago, when I was photographing her for the book, Hearts and Hands, I told her how beautiful I thought her hands were. She studied them for a moment and then remarked that they were the result of a lifetime of 'hard work and innocence.' I hope that when I reach her age I can look at my own hands and know -- in whatever I've written, drawn, painted, or photographed, or in any of the ways I've touched the lives of others -- that I've worked hard and done all I could to be the person I was supposed to be.'

Lori's inspirational short stories are included in volumes I and II of The Magic and the Miracle of Christmas: Stories of Hope. Her award winning story, 'Til the Cows Come Home, appears in the book Hearts and Hands: Stories of Hope for Mothers. Peach 101: Recipes Your Mother Never You About is her first cookbook. The book, which includes several of her original peach recipes as well as many favorites from family and friends, has been featured in the Deseret News and Meridian Magazine as well as on the Utah ABC Channel 4 program Good Things Utah and on the KUTV Channel 2 Morning Show.

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