Sister Strong: Living in Harmony with the Women in our Lives

by Hailey Gardiner, Mandi Gardiner

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Growing up in a family with six daughters, the Gardiner Sisters know a thing or two about sisterhood. As musicians and creators, they have come to know that we, as women, share a common divine identity and face similar challenges. In this book, they invite all women to join them in their journey to increase our capacity to love, navigate life’s challenges together, and draw closer to God.

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Size9 x 6
PublishedCedar Fort 2019

About the Authors

Hailey Gardiner

Hailey Gardiner, the oldest and bossiest child of eight, is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and master at quoting movies. After living on the sunny beaches of Hawaii while earning her degree in international cultural studies, she continues to write songs and play guitar alongside her built-in best friends in their family band. She loves exploring the outdoors, eating new foods, and visiting faraway places with her darling husband.

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Mandi Gardiner

Mandi Gardiner is a sister, chef, adventurer, singer, and pasta-eating machine. She hopes to one day finish her degree in English, so she can write teen-fiction novels and children's books for the rest of her life. Whether it be through music, social media, or travel, Mandi searches for quality connection and values her relationships with others. She loves picking up life tips and tricks that bring joy along the way.

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