Sleeping through Gethsemane: The Atonement and You

by Diana Hoelscher

Sleeping through gethsemane

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In this inspiring talk, Diana Hoelscher will help you gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This entertaining, scripturally based talk explains the Atonement in a way that touches both the hardest of hearts and the sweetest of spirits. Sister Hoelscher says, “Maybe you’ve seen people weep in gratitude, declare their deepest love, and dedicate their lives to the Savior. But deep down you’ve always wondered, ‘How could they really value someone who lived two thousand years ago?’ You can gain an understanding of the Atonement that will teach you step by step how to access this great gift made available to you at your baptism. You can finally discover the power of making Him your personal Savior.” Drawing on her own experiences as well as teachings from the prophets and the scriptures, Sister Hoelscher shares a message that youth and adults will relate to.

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