Slow-Cooker Cookbook

by Debbie G. Harman

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5051416 slow cooker cookbook cover

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As time becomes an increasingly valuable commodity, gathering as a family for home-cooked meals is more important — and more challenging — than ever. With delicious options for every meal, this collection of slow-cooker recipes is the perfect solution for today’s fast-paced schedules.

The variety and versatility of these recipes provide for months of tempting dishes with minimal preparation and maximum flexibility without sacrificing flavor. Entrees range from classic chicken and dumplings to elegant pork tenderloin to tender beef barbacoa; hearty soups, savory appetizers and side dishes, and even fresh salads add to the possibilities. Round out the menu with yeast and quick breads as well as luscious desserts prepared right in your slow cooker — everything from buttery dinner rolls to decadent pumpkin cheesecake! With the Slow-Cooker Cookbook as your guide, hot breakfasts will no longer be a luxury, and dinner will be ready on time no matter how busy your afternoon.

About the Author

Debbie G. Harman

Debbie Harman studied art at Snow College, where she met and married her husband, Ken. Since then, Debbie created the Family Dinner Cookbook, Cooking for Two, has illustrated a number of children’s books, and numerous clip art and other CD-ROM products. Debbie and Ken have four children and live in Manti, Utah, in a 112-year-old house they renovated. Debbie has served in the Relief Society and Primary programs, and is currently serving as stake Young Women’s president.

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