Small Grain of Sand

by Pamela Carrington Reid

Small grain of sand

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In her line of business, she really shouldn’t have favorites—but as a supervisor at a New Zealand early childhood center, Jennifer Mason finds it impossible to resist the charms of the Durand twins. Her female coworkers, however, are more focused on the allure of the children’s enigmatic single father, Phillippe Durand. When the handsome Frenchman is faced with a trip abroad with his children, he approaches Jennifer with an offer: a summer job as the twins’ nanny—on the idyllic island of Tahiti. Amid swaying palm trees and blazing sunsets, Jennifer forges a tentative friendship with her employer and begins to put together the pieces of this mysterious man. Phillippe, a former member of the Church, is haunted by a past fraught with death and heartbreak. Determined to help him rekindle the flame of his faith, Jennifer is caught off guard by the spark of romance that grows more undeniable by the day. But when Phillippe’s painful past threatens their blossoming relationship, will true love really have the power to conquer all?

About the Author

Pamela Carrington Reid

Pamela Carrington Reid is a native of Auckland, New Zealand, and resides there with her husband, Paul. They are the parents of five children. Teaching at BYU's Education Week and at other venues, she has lectured on personal and family history writing, family and marriage relations, religious philosophy, and fashion design. She has had several articles published in the New Era, Friend, and Ensign, and is the South Pacific editor for the Ensign. Pamela has also written film scripts for the LDS audience, including an adaptation of the movie Legacy.

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