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Clean Romance
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was so excited to read this book because I enjoy other books by this author. I did not enjoy this one though. I am not a fan of books that have a lot of bickering between the two main characters. They had a hard time communicating without a lot of complaining.

A New Addiction
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Melanie Jacobson had no books out before I left on my mission. I came home, started working at Deseret Book, and fell in love with her! I will read ANYTHING she puts out. There is so much chemistry behind the characters while remaining completely clean! I love it!

This book in particular has a fun and fiery redhead in it. It includes some of the characters form another of her books--Twitterpated--so it's fun to see that link.

Fun, Clean Romance
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Melanie Jacobson has won my heart with her clean, funny romance writing. Smart Move features a less than perfect main character which is something I appreciate. She's the daughter of a single mother who's been raised in a New Age environments, shuffles from place to place and step-dad to step-dad. She's now found her place as a Stanford graduate working in D.C. for a major nonprofit organization. She has a job she believes in, her own space in the upper half of a house and yoga to keep her sane. But she just can't get her mind of of one night back in Seattle and the man she met who never returned her phone call. The sparks were definitely there, but she should be over it by now!

Luckily she has a huge project going right now to keep her mind off of dating--winning the zoning approval for a program helping women make their way into the work force. The only thing standing in her way is "El Diablo" the proud and stubborn attorney who's working hth other end of the case. The two cross paths in more than one unpleasant encounter and let the banter begin!

Sandy is spunky and unique in her spanx (tummy trimming lycra.) She has some baggage from her past but is headstrong and flirty at the same time. Main antagonist, "El Diablo" never, ever gives up. It's so nice to see a persistent and confident man who knows how to keep the best interest of both his employer and others around him. I thoroughly enjoyed Smart Move and would recommend it to all readers as a clean read. You'll laugh out loud at Sandy's mother Margerita and her New Age goofiness as well as some of the hilarious situations Sandy finds herself in. I enjoyed the East Coast Ivy League D.C. setting as well.

If you haven't read any of Melanie's books yet...go, go, go!

Content: Clean

I Always Love the Humor that's Infused in Melanie's Books!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Sandy's heart was broken a year ago. With her new move back East to the Washington D.C. area she has a chance to start anew in her life. Little does she know the reason for her heartache has also moved back East to the same town. They soon meet again and sparks fly as they clash in business and in love.

Melanie Jacobson has written a strong character in Sandy Burke who is confident in life, but not necessarily in love. Sandy grew up with a distant mother and an absent father. Trust issues are huge for her and she has built a wall around her heart. Along comes Jake who with his good looks, impeccable style and brains to boot, and this successful lawyer will do anything to win her heart.

I always love the humor that is infused in Melanie's books. Even with serious issues, her characters seem to find funny things happening to them. One of the most humorous things in the book is when Sandy gets stuck in a cabinet with her behind sticking out.

Ten seconds later, Magdalena's voice,sounding strangely hollow to her inside the cabinet, asked, "Why is your bottom sticking out of the cabinet Sand Dollar?"
Please let her be alone, Sandy begged silently.
A choking noise that masked a laugh told her that her Ridiculous Situation guardian angel was currently off duty.
"Yes, Sand Dollar," Jake said from above her. "Why? And how can we help?"
A burn crept up her neck and face. "I'm dusting."

The other thing I loved in this book was the witty dialogue between Sandy and Jake...

She offered him a slow, mysterious smile, determined to restore some lightness to the evening. "If it makes you feel better, being near you does cause me some serious issues."
He leaned closer and coked his head, morphing in an instant from goofy to sexy. "Like what, " he drawled.
She closed the gap between them until a mere breath separated them. "I have to tell the truth," she whispered. "being this close to you is hard. I feel this overwhelming urge to..."
"What?" he whispered back.
"Kick you."
There was a moment of silence, and then he burst out laughing again. When he pulled himself together, he gave her hair a playful tug. "Leave it to me to find the perfect woman and have her hate me."

There is so much more for you to read, enjoy and laugh about. There are some serious moments as she tries to heal her relationship with her new-age mother, Magdalena. Smart Move is different from Melanie's other books in that the characters seemed more mature, but this didn't take away any of the appeal that is always there in a Melanie Jacobson book. I liked this novel and every fan of Melanie's will love this new book too!

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Another success by the queen of LDS romantic comedy
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

YAY!!!! Two Melanie Jacobson books in one year?! How awesome is that! The only thing that would be better? THREE!!! :)

Anyway, enough celebrating. On to the book. First off, how cute is the cover?! (I really want those shoes!) It gives you a taste of what the book is like - a fun, cute, and romantic story set in the sophisticated world of east coast politics.

I love when romances begin with the characters starting out as arch-enemies. It is inevitable that they will end up together but it is so fun to see the sparks fly as their relationship goes from "hate" to "love". I especially liked how Sandy referred to Jake as "El Diablo"!

My favorite part of Sandy's character is that she is a smart, driven, and successful woman who is confident in who she is. I admire her passion for the outreach center and her willingness to fight for what is right. I love that she doesn't play dating games and is honest and upfront with Jake. And even though her stubborness gets her into trouble a couple of times, it all turns out in the end.

Most of the "comedy" half of this romantic comedy comes from Sandy's mother, Magdalena. (You can imagine what she is going to be like just from her name!) She was hilarious! And yes, if she was my mother, she would probably have driven me insane. So I give Sandy credit for putting up with her. But I love her colorful and unique personality and the crazy antics she adds to the story.

Smart Move is a companion novel to Twitterpated. However, it is definitely a "stand-alone" book and only references parts of the Twitterpated story.

Overall, it is fantastic, "non-put-downable", success from the queen of LDS romantic comedy!