Some Secrets Hurt: A Story of Healing

by Linda Garner, D. Brandilyn Speth

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“Maggie has a secret. Some secrets feel good inside, like a birthday surprise, or doing a good deed, or knowing something special. Maggie’s secret is not a happy secret, though. It doesn’t feel good inside. In fact, it hurts. Sometimes Maggie has a sick feeling in her stomach. Sometimes she feels sad or scared or angry. Sometimes she wants to run away and hide. Sometimes she cries. . . . Maggie doesn’t want to share her secret with anyone because it’s embarrassing and personal. She doesn’t want anyone to know. She thinks it is her fault. It’s not Maggie’s fault, but she doesn’t know that. She is afraid to tell because she doesn’t want to get in trouble. She thinks her Mom and Dad will be mad at her. She wonders if they will believe her . . .”

Some Secrets Hurt, an illustrated picture book, was written to educate and open the lines of communication between parent and child, and to encourage children to find the strength to tell if they are being victimized. It will also give parents a forum for discussing these sensitive issues with their children and finding support and help if needed. This book includes a Parent’s Guide and suggestions on what to do.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A new friend of mine was telling me how she is going through a difficult divorce. The couple has 1 beautiful 6 year old daughter together. The daughter was coming home from Dad's telling Mom that she couldn't tell Mom what she does at Dad's house. Mom is trying to keep the lines of communication open with her Daughter not prying about the Dad. Her daughter told her that what she did at Dad's house was a secret. Red flags came up everywhere for me and I recommened this book to her! She read it in my home then went to the bookstore to get it for her daughter. She hugged me and thanked me for sharing it with her. I'm so grateful that I purchased it when I did! Thank you Aunt Linda for making a difference!!

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