Songs for a Mormon Child

by Janeen Brady


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Wonderful Songs to Teach Children Principles of the Gospel For more than twenty years, millions of children around the world have enjoyed the music of Janeen Brady. Parents too, have loved the positive messages their young ones have learned while listening to her songs. Covenant is proud to present for the first time on CD, Songs for a Mormon Child, an album full of timeless classics, perfect for every Latter-day Saint home. Each of the twenty-two songs has a message to reinforce a principle of the Gospel. Songs include:

  1. I'm a Mormon

  2. Grandpa & Grandma Are Going Away on a Mission

  3. I Want to Be a Mother

  4. Daddy Aren't You Glad

  5. The 'What If' Song

  6. Palaces and Temples

  7. Tell Me About Heaven

  8. It's the Family

  9. Look at the Baby

  10. Eight Years Old

  11. The Outside of You

  12. Let's Build a Temple

  13. My Big Brother's Going on a Mission

  14. One Step at a Time

  15. Got a Dime in My Pocket

  16. Think Beautiful Things

  17. Someday I Will Be A Man

  18. Tomorrow is Sunday

  19. It's Family Night

  20. Little Steps to Heaven

  21. I Know the Prophets

  22. Thank Goodness for Grandmas

About the Author

Janeen Brady

Janeen began studying piano at age 4, becoming the designated school accompanist in first grade! By age 8 she was improvising and playing by ear. She began composing music and writing songs before she was 15. As a young teenager, Janeen established herself as a gifted musician as she competed in scholastic events, performed with her sisters, played in dance bands and accompanied extensively. Her musical studies continued in college where she studied privately and worked with the Opera Workshop.

Janeen married Ted Brady, a fellow musician and together they have raised 9 children-7 daughters and 2 sons. They now have 31 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. In 1978 Janeen and Ted founded Brite Music Inc. Since that time, they have devoted their lives to helping children and families find joy through music.

Janeen has received both local and national awards. In 1983, President and Mrs. Reagan invited Janeen to the White House for a performance of her song, The Great American Family. In 1986 she received the Parent’s Choice Gold Seal award for Safety Kids, Stay Safe from Drugs which was featured on Good Morning America. She is listed in the National Congressional Record for Safety Kids, Personal Safety. She received the National Award of Merit from Children’s House Magazine. Janeen has fulfilled many speaking engagements across the nation including the Catholic Congress in Anaheim (1987), the American Mothers Association Convention in New York City (1996), and the Homeschoolers Association in Houston (2003).

When she is not composing, Janeen fills her days with gardening, studying, nurturing her family, doing logic puzzles, and church service.

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Must Buy!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

My parents bought the tape for me growing up, and then they turned around and bought the CD for my kids. WE LOVE this CD!! This is a great CD to listen to on the way to church, or even road trips. My girls argue who gets the cd in their room to listen to it while they play. You can't miss this CD for the children and for the entire family.

Impressionable fun songs
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am 41 and I love these songs, my children & I know them by heart. My Children listened to these growing up and we wore the tape out...Literally! If you read this Janeen, I am a little sad that some of the other songs are missing from the old version...How can I get them? 'I am learning How To Spell' is one of them that I want!

Must-have family album!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I loved the original album when I was a child, and now my children enjoy it, also. The songs present good gospel life and principles in an interesting way, and exemplify families being happy together. All the songs are fun to sing along with.

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