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The hero of my comic book can shoot lasers from his eyes when he squints. But it might not be enough to save the Empress. What he'll need most of all is a friend named Diamond Girl.

Flint loved to draw. In fact, he's furiously trying to finish his comic book so he can be the youngest winner of the "Find a Comic Star" contest. He's also rushing to finish because he has an eye disease that could eventually make him blind.

At school, Flint meets McKell. She's new and doesn't seem to have trouble making friends. She does have a problem with how some of her new friends treat this boy they call "Squint." He seems nice and really talented. He also seems like the kind of person who wouldn't laugh at you. That's important, because McKell has hidden talents of her own but is worried about what will happen is she shares them.

Squint is the inspiring story of two new friends dealing with their own challenges who learn to trust each other, believe in themselves, and begin to truly see what matters most.

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Size5.5 x 8.25
PublishedShadow Mountain 2018

About the Authors

Shelly Brown

Shelly Brown loves to write books for children. In her spare time, she enjoys the theater and traveling. In addition to her five children, she has six chickens and sixty-four Pez dispensers.

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Chad Morris

Chad Morris grew up wanting to become a professional basketball player or a rock star. Neither of those plans quite panned out, so he wrote and performed sketch comedy while going to college. Now he's a teacher and a writer.

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A great message
By , Submitted on 2018-10-01

I loved Mustaches for Maddie so I was very excited when I heard that the authors were releasing another book. Squint and Mustaches for Maddie have a similar feel, although I didn't connect as deeply with Squint. I think my connection may have been less because I'm not into comic books, so the parts where we read Squint's comic story didn't hold my attention as much as the rest of the story. That said, I still enjoyed the story and thought it had a great message.

My takeaway was that we don’t know what people are going through and a little kindness goes a long way. I loved Danny and his friend Yellow and the difference they made by Danny sharing his happy attitude. His challenges made people stretch outside of their comfort zones to help people and make a difference for someone.

I thought Squint’s situation with Gavin was quite eye-opening. Gavin didn’t recognize how his joking was hurtful, and Squint didn’t realize that his defense mechanism of not talking to Gavin was making him think that Squint didn’t like him. You don’t typically think about it from that side.

I loved when Squint's grandpa said, "Hard work is always something you should be proud of." So true. We might not get the results we hoped for, but that shouldn't diminish our effort.

Sometimes we’re blind to the sacrifices the people make for us (Squint’s grandparents, especially his grandma).

Parts of this book are pretty emotional and I couldn’t help but cry. This is a clean and inspirational read that I recommend.

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