Stars, Stockings and Shepherds: Discover the Meaning of Christmas Symbols

by Corey Egbert, Shersta Chabot

Stars stockings

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Do you know the symbolism behind evergreens, sheep, or the color red? This adorably illustrated picture book teaches the meanings behind 24 Christmastime objects and is the perfect gift for any children, parents, or grandparents on your list. Make your family holiday season one to remember with this inspiring reminder of the gospel roots behind our treasured Christmas traditions.

About the Authors

Corey Egbert

Corey Egbert has always loved books and art, so when he discovered that he could create both at the same time by being an illustrator, he couldn't have been happier. His illustrations can be seen in The Niuhi Shark Saga books and the album covers of recording artist Rob Taylor. He lives in Manti, Utah, with his wife, Natalya; son, Oliver; and their cat, Rex.

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Shersta Chabot

Shersta Chabot grew up in Utah, the oldest in a family of eleven children. She started writing at an early age, winning awards for her poetry and stories. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona, with her three children and a bachelor’s degree, she earned advanced degrees in writing and literacies. Currently, she teaches academic and creative writing classes to college students from around the globe. Shersta is the author of The Symbols of Christmas and Angels of Christmas.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is AMAZING and would make a PERFECT family read for the holidays!

"Discover the meaning of Christmas symbols"

Remembering that "Jesus is the reason" helps us to see the symbolism in the things we decorate the holidays with.

Look at some of the things you will learn in this book:

Did you know that the evergreen green tree which stands tall and remains green all year long shows us to be strong and firm in our beliefs and to look to Heaven in all things?

We decorate with lights because "Christ is the light of the world." Christmas lights remind us of this and of His spirit in each of us.

We wrap presents with bows to symbolizes the ties between families and friends and our Father in Heaven.

We give gifts just like the Wise Men did and to remember that Christ gave us the greatest give of all.

Why do we sing carols?

Hang wreaths of holly?

Sing of Santa and reindeer?

All of these things and more are explained in the wonderful, colorful book!

And most important of all you will see the symbolism as we decorate and celebrate with Joseph, Mary, Angels and the Baby Jesus.

Let this season be more than a mere hustle and bustle.

Learn and then look at all the things that reminds us that this season is truly filled with our Saviors love.


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