Studies in Scripture Complete Set

by Kent P. Jackson, Robert L. Millet

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Product Description

Studies in Scripture

Volume One: The Doctrine and Covenants

This volume of gospel scholarship edited by Robert L. Millet and Kent P. Jackson gives greater insight into historical and doctrinal aspects of the revelations, epistles, and instructions that constitute the Doctrine and Covenants. Many of the historical details are based on recent research and draw from newly available primary sources, providing up-to-date and fresh views into the vital principles taught in this important book of scripture.

Volume Two: The Pearl of Great Price

Studies in Scripture, Volume 2: The Pearl of Great Price is the second in a series of volumes intended to enhance and supplement one's personal study of the revelations found in the Standard Works of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Recognizing that there is no substitute for a sincere and serious study of the scriptures themselves, this series, Studies in Scripture, is presented as a resource, an aid in pointing members of the Church toward the profound realities to be discovered in the books which comprise our scriptural canon.

Volume Three: Genesis to 2 Samuel

Serious students of the Old Testament will enjoy dozens of articles from gospel scholars and General Authorities who reveal treasures of gospel insight and explain what the ancient record ought to mean to us in the latter days.

Volume Four: 1 Kings to Malachi

Edited by Kent P. Jackson, this volume supplements our study of the scriptures. Chapters by noted Latter-day Saint scholars and students of the scriptures identify the prophecies found in the ancient writings, recount the timeless stories, and point out the richness and beauty of the language in which the record has been preserved.

Volume Five: The Gospels

In this, the fifth volume of the Studies in Scripture series, twenty-four gospel scholars, all deeply committed and believing Latter-day Saints, focus on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in thirty-one insightful essays. Background information is presented on the setting of the Gospels, with an overview of the style and purpose of each. This is followed by essays on Jesus' birth and childhood, his baptism and the beginning of his ministry, the calling of his apostles, the miracles he performed, the parables he taught, the testimony of witnesses to his work, and events leading to his crucifixion, culminating in his glorious resurrection.

Volume Six: Acts to Revelation

This inspiring collection of essays tells of growth and struggles of the members of the early Christian church after the ascension of Jesus Christ. The essays have been written to give deeper insight into the history and doctrines in the second half of the New Testament, Acts to Revelation. Included are detailed discussions on the epistles and missionary endeavors of the apostles, showing these men to be powerful witnesses of the Savior. In this sixth volume of the Studies in Scripture series, seventeen gospel scholars, all deeply committed and believing Latter-day Saints, focus on the story of the early church in nineteen insightful essays.

Volume Seven: 1 Nephi to Alma 29

This is another volume in the series intended to enhance and supplement the personal study of the truths found in the standard works. This volume focuses on the first half of the Book of Mormon. Covering topics such as: Nephi and the destiny of Israel, redemption through the Holy Messiah, being nourished by the word Of God, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and many more. With contributors including: Joseph F. McConkie , Catherine Thomas, Robert Millet and other leading LDS scholars this is a classic addition to any LDS library.

Volume 8: Alma 30 to Moroni

This volume of Studies in Scripture covers the last half of the Book of Mormon. It emphasizes the teaching of the Book of Mormon and the sermons contained in the book help clarify the narrative and emphasize the lessons that are taught through historical events and bear witness to Christ. This volume includes chapter's on- the infinite atonement, God's way or man's, the downfall of the Nephite nation, the course of peace and apostasy and many more.

About the Authors

Kent P. Jackson

Kent P. Jackson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his BA in ancient studies from BYU and an MA and a PhD in Near Eastern studies from the University of Michigan. He is the former chair of Near Eastern studies at BYU and the former associate dean of Religious Education at BYU. He is the author of many books, including Joseph Smith's Commentary on the Bible, From Apostasy to Restoration, and The Restored Gospel and the Book of Genesis.

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Robert L. Millet

Robert L. Millet, former dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, is a professor emeritus of ancient scripture. After receiving bachelor's and master's degrees from BYU in psychology, he earned a PhD from Florida State University in religious studies. Brother Millet is a beloved speaker and the author of numerous books. He and his wife, Shauna, are the parents of six children.

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