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By , Submitted on 2017-02-15

This beautifully told story comes from a conference talk, but the book is so cute and I believe it has extra little details- or maybe I just didn't catch them all in conference. It has beautiful illustrations (including the painting mentioned in the story. This book is not made for children but I read it to my kids (all under 5) in three settings. It was too long to hold their attention span so we broke it up a bit. They enjoyed it. I would recommend for 12 year-old children and up. Teens and adults would probably get the most out of it. I would recommend this book to others, it was excellent!

A beautiful gift book version of a wonderful story.
By , Submitted on 2016-08-01

While this talk can be found for free on the website, Deseret Book has done a beautiful job turning the story into a beautiful gift book. The inclusion of the painting that is mentioned in the story is a particularly nice touch. The rest of the illustrations in the book are by the same artist as the painting (see cover) and are beautifully done. The illustrations and decorations make this a truly gorgeous book. But of course the story told within is what makes the book so powerful. This is a book that I will read over and over again as I remind myself of the multiple meanings contained in President Uchtdorf's beautiful parable.

Eva is sent to visit her Great-Aunt Rose while her mother recovers from surgery. Eva is not excited to go and worries a great deal about her mother. Once things with her mother settle down a bit, Eva starts to notice things about her Great-Aunt Rose that puzzle her a bit. Gospel principles are shared between Eva and Rose once Eva works up the nerve to ask her the questions that have puzzled her.

This is a wonderful gift book for those who enjoy a more permanent reminder of the wonderful things this parable has to share.