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A summerhouse isn't usually the place to find a date. Jack Harris, curator of the Pennington Estate for the National Trust, not only meets a girl where he works, but she's the famous Pennington heiress, missing for two hundred years. Somehow their lives collide in the gazebo. Jack soon finds he can't get Charlotte and the mystery surrounding her life out of his head and heart.

How does Jack, an outlandish-looking "ghost" from the future, impress Charlotte's unbending parents without scaring them witless? Jack pursues Charlotte across Europe, learning rules as he goes, racing time itself, hoping to catch her when she falls. But time can be tricky.

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H. Linn Murphy

H. LINN MURPHY writes romance but loves to swerve from genre to genre, writing sci-fi and YA under the name Indigo Chase. She went to three colleges and a university, graduating with high honors in advertisting art/illustration/general education. She lives in Arizona with a husband she loves and three of her six children. Besides writing, she loves to dance, read, sing, swim, read, hike, play the tin whistle and bodrhan drum, read, and draw. She does book reviews for two bookstores and several online sites and writs for four blogs.

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A lovely, meaningful read
By , Submitted on 2016-08-03

Jack Harris lives daily in the past. As the curator at the Pennington Estate for England’s National Trust, he knows every nook, cranny and fun-fact regarding the estate and the Pennington family for many generations. The past pays for his present and his future, but will it also provide him with the love of his life?
In H. Linn Murphy’s Summerhouse, we are taken from modern day England back two hundred years to the time Charlotte Pennington lived. Time travel can be a tricky thing, yet Murphy accomplishes it in a beautiful, practical and often times humorous manner that leaves the reader wondering if it could really happen.
With many British phrases and idioms—never fear, a glossary is included—we are educated in British common speak, yet never lost. Murphy is considerate and provides ample contextual clues, giving the reader a rich view of both current day and early 19th century England without losing continuity. The characters are real . . . even those without bodies. The romance is sweet, the mystery intense and the question of whether love can transcend time will keep those pages turning—as well as your thoughts. A lovely, meaningful read. Can’t wait for the next!

By , Submitted on 2016-06-30

This is a quick summer read (or winter read.) It took me several chapters to really get into it, but H. Linn really hit her stride by about a third of the way in. By then the characters are 3-dimensional and interesting, and I enjoyed their points of view. There is one plot hole, but I won't spoil anything by mentioning it here, since you'll like it anyway. It IS fantasy, so anything's possible, right? I was engaged in it right to the end.

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