Sunrise Over Scipio

by H. Linn Murphy

Sunrise over scipio

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When champion barrel racer Tamsin Tucker is seriously injured at a rodeo, her whole world crashes around her. She is abandoned in a tiny Utah town, where her leg is amputated to save her life. Tamsin's horse is gone, she has no family, and she feels God has forsaken her. Prospects are bleak.

Through what she later realizes is divine intervention, Tamsin find friendship with her nurse, Sarah, and Travis Mayfield, the handsome doctor who saves her life. Sarah has her own problems, but a faith that Tamsin can't deny. Travis has ghosts of his own and must learn to trust in God as well.

Getting on her feet isn't going to be easy for Tamsin. But with a newfound purpose, the help of friends and a man who adores her, and the matchless love of her Heavenly Father, she will forge a new life.

About the Author

H. Linn Murphy

H. LINN MURPHY writes romance but loves to swerve from genre to genre, writing sci-fi and YA under the name Indigo Chase. She went to three colleges and a university, graduating with high honors in advertisting art/illustration/general education. She lives in Arizona with a husband she loves and three of her six children. Besides writing, she loves to dance, read, sing, swim, read, hike, play the tin whistle and bodrhan drum, read, and draw. She does book reviews for two bookstores and several online sites and writs for four blogs.

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By , Submitted on 2015-08-25

WOW! What an AMAZING book!
Tamsin is my NEW HERO! She loses her leg, she loses her husband, she loses her horse, she loses her home. And after losing her way for a small amount of time--
She get back on the saddle as they say smile emoticon
She makes new friends. Makes a home for herself. And makes the most out of life.
She still has ups and downs as any normal person would, but she strives hard to accomplish her goals...even racing a marathon...with one leg...WOW!
I love all the changes that come over her...strong writing gives a feeling of being SO REAL!
Sarah and Travis are fun to read about too.
Would love to read more from this author!

Enjoyable tale of survival and overcoming tragedy
By , Submitted on 2015-03-06

Tamsin Tucker had a successful career as a champion barrel racer on the national rodeo circuit, but one instant of inattention cost her more than she could imagine. When she wakes up from a coma, she has lost that career, her beloved horse, her wandering husband Troy, and eventually, her mangled leg. In exchange for getting out of their marriage, the wayward husband dumps Tamsin in a medical clinic in a small town in Utah and "gifts" her with his family's ramshackle house and horse property.

But even in the deepest midnight of pain and despair, Tamsin isn't left destitute. She slowly makes friends in the medical clinic and the town, who care enough to make sure she survives until she can get back on her "feet."

With a a new-found faith in God, and the discovery of her self-worth, Tamsin struggles and claws her way up from tragedy to a new career and enjoyment of a challenging form of therapeutic recreation . . . and the love of a decent man.

Surprisingly, did not want to put it down.
By , Submitted on 2015-03-05

This was such a sweet, uplifting, worthwhile story. In a world where good, clean, tasteful romance is scarce this one delivers a beautiful, yet thought provoking narrative that gives you more to ponder than just girl-gets-guy. Life is not always a box of chocolates. Sometimes things don't go the way we plan. This book shows us how, even amidst terrible circumstances, the sunlight can shine through-if we let it. Very enjoyable.

A quick read, but with something to say
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

It took a couple of chapters before I felt like I was really connecting with the story, but I ended up reading it all in one sitting! The story is simple and universal: how people deal with the hand life deals them. On the one hand, it was a quick read; but it also had something to say. In the sections where the non-LDS character asks questions of the LDS character, I prepared myself to “leave the story” for a while, so the LDS character could preach, but H. Linn kept it simple and straightforward, and never got preachy, took too long, or allowed it to take over from the story. It was just a conversation that those characters would have had. Of course, you know from the beginning how part of the story will go, but it still surprised me in places, and was touching in others. I definitely recommend it!

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