Survival of the King's Daughter

by Renae Weight Mackley

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When the Ammonite people made an oath to lay down their weapons of war, Karlinah’s husband faithfully buried his sword. But Karlinah never imagined how soon their devotion would be tested. Her beloved husband is killed, murdered by a group of their former associates—bloodthirsty Lamanites intent on destroying the followers of Christ. Now, Karlinah, daughter of King Lamoni, must rely on her trust in the Lord as never before as she raises her two young sons alone. Karlinah musters the spiritual strength to nurture her children’s testimonies, but her own beliefs are put to the test when new Lamanite converts begin arriving in her village. In their faces, she sees the very people who took so much from her. As Karlinah navigates a world swirling with change, she must face her fears and find forgiveness, learning to open her heart to the possibility of new beginnings and new love. But even as her soul heals and her life becomes whole again, tidings of war are on the horizon. With more at stake than ever, is Karlinah once more destined to lose all she holds dear?

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