Sweet Mercy

by Donald S. Smurthwaite

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What do you remember, what is important, what do you simply let go, sand piling on sand, until only the important events and memories are left?

Much to the delight and good fortune of Arthur and Mary Bell, they were the proud parents of four strapping sons. Such a stroke of luck was vital to their survival on the Idaho plain, where every able-bodied young man was desperately needed to work the land. So when Mary gave birth to a baby girl, the family was befuddled. But they suffered no distress at the loss of another boy to help around the farm—they felt only absolute delight in their sweet Mercy May.

Now, a lifetime later, Mercy recounts with poignant fondness the tales of her childhood in her rugged Idaho town. Experience with the Bell family, friends, and neighbors and devastation of the Great Depression and the impact of years of war. From a dedicated farmer hit hard by despair to a good-hearted reverend to the gentle brothers who brought light during the darkest of times, each individual's story weaves a vital thread into the rich tapestry of one woman's incredible life.

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Size6 x 9
PublishedCovenant Communications 2018

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Donald S. Smurthwaite

Donald Smurthwaite was born in Portland, Oregon. He now resides in Idaho. He’s written nine novels, including “Fine Old High Priests,” “The Boxmaker’s Son,” and “Road to Bountiful.” He and his wife Shannon are the parents of four children and grandparents to four grandchildren. His latest book, “Sweet Mercy,” is based on true events that occurred during the Great Depression.

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Love the way the author shows you can find happiness in dark times!
By , Submitted on 2018-04-02

I really enjoyed reading Sweet Mercy! I liked the way the author used the life of Mercy and filled it out with stories of the others around her, her family, teachers, neighbors, and others in the community that would have touched her life as she was growing up.

You see pretty much the whole book through the eyes of…well I think it was one of Mercy’s children. Mercy is kind of recounting stories of her life as a young girl to them, as she is old and living in a retirement center far away from her childhood Idaho home.

The stories in this one are a bit sad. The majority of the book is set in the Great Depression, so you see the hard times. But I liked how you also see that there are good times in the hard times. Happiness in a time of darkness. I liked the way this book made that time period just a little bit more real to me. It put a bit of a face to those who had a hard time.

Another thing that is really fun about this one for me is that it was set in an area that wasn’t very far from where I grew up. There were many of the things that the author talks about that made sense to me because I grew up there.

Make sure you take time to read this book and learn a bit more about what people went through during the Great Depression!

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