Symbols and Shadows: Unlocking a Deeper Understanding of the Atonement

by Jay A. Parry, Donald W. Parry

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"Believe me, this book is wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend it as a must read." - Association for Mormon Letters

This singular volume presents a tapestry of symbols and foreshadowings of the Atonement. And as we study the symbols, we can learn deep truths about Jesus Christ and his mission and increase our desire to become like God. Symbols and Shadows is a unique book that

  • Analyzes the many symbols of the Atonement — some familiar, some unexpected — and encourages us to look deeper into the scriptures.
  • Discusses why Jesus Christ was uniquely qualified to be the Atoner.
  • Examines the fulfillment of the Atonement in Christ's mortal life and sacrifice.
  • Details the multitude of symbols and shadows in the scriptures that testify of the infinite atonement and the blessings of God's grace.

This remarkable book will bring you closer to the Savior, enabling you to more fully partake of all that he offers, especially the greatest of all heavenly gifts: his infinite Atonement.

About the Authors

Jay A. Parry

In addition to co-authoring several books, Jay A. Parry has published numerous articles on Church-related subjects. He has also presented a series of classes at BYU Education Week on the subject of daily miracles. He and his wife, Vicki, live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Donald W. Parry

Donald W. Parry, a professor of the Hebrew Bible at Brigham Young University holds the Abraham O. Smoot Professorship. For nearly twenty years he has served as a member of the prestigious international team of translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is the author or coauthor of more than thirty books and numerous articles on the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has coauthored with his brother, Jay A. Parry, several books for Latter-day Saints, including Understanding Isaiah, Understanding the Signs of the Times, and most recently, Symbols and Shadows: Unlocking a Deeper Understanding of the Atonement. Brother Parry, who has served in the Church as a bishop, a temple worker, and high councilor, is a popular speaker at BYU Education Week. He and his wife, Camille Parry, are the parents of six children.

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Symbols and Shadows
By , Submitted on 2016-06-27

This is a very fine work on Jesus Christ's Atonement! Jesus Christ's Atonement is much greater and larger and far-reaching than I had ever considered.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I loved the insights and added knowledge I gained from reading this book. I have marked this book up and dog-eared almost every page. Every page I found myself pondering a deeper meaning of things I thought I knew well, I am grateful for a book that teaches me there is so much more to the gospel

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