Take Two Chocolates and Call Me in the Morning: 12 Semi-Practical Solutions for the Really Busy Woman

by Emily Watts

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Emily Watts is a wife, the mother of five children, a writer and editor, and a woman like you — with too much to do and too little time. She knows how it feels when you're on overload, with deadlines looming, and all you've got to bring to the task is a depleted store of energy. She knows, and she's here to help.

Written in Emily's insightful, humorous, and self-deprecating style, Take Two Chocolates and Call Me in the Morning is full of what she calls “semi-practical” solutions to the woes of everyday life. A book for women of all ages, it will make you smile (maybe even laugh), help you sort out your priorities, and deliver you from the mindset that you have to do everything and do it perfectly.

About the Author

Emily Watts

Emily Watts is the joyful mother of five children and grandmother of ten (so far). Her lifelong fascination with words led her to a career in editing. She has worked for more than thirty-five years in the publishing department at Deseret Book Company, working from home part-time for many of those years so she could be with her family. She is now executive editor at Deseret Book as well as a favorite Time Out for Women speaker and the author of several books, including The Slow-Ripening Fruits of Mothering and I Hate It When Exercise Is the Answer: A Fitness Program for the Soul. Emily and her husband, Larry, live in Taylorsville, Utah

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Found it over the top in justifying actions of less value to other women.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Let's all work and take on too many things, then tell each other about it so we all feel better about ourselves. I feel this book does not uplift and glorify mothers as does, say, the book about "Just" being a mom. I felt like it was really written from the standpoint of someone who doesn't NEED to work, but rather loves too, and then complains about the dilemma it poses so that others can also feel okay about their situations, rather than challenging sisters to rise to a higher calling. Sorry, no chocolate for me please. This was a spiritual twinkie for me.

Absolutely fantastic. A must read however busy you are
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is the best book I have read in ages. I too have 5 children ranging from 14 months to 10 years. Between music lessons, swimming lessons, Beavers scouts, Cub scouts and brownies (the latter of which I am involved in as a leader), and then playgroup (again involved in as a commitee member), my position as a school governor and my calling as a Gospel Doctrine teacher I still have to get the washing done!!! I am learning to say 'no', getting used to the fact that my body will never be 120 pounds again and learning to live with that! And taking increasing comfort in chocolate!!! I liked it so much I bought another copy for my best friend who is expecting her fifth child. Wonderful, keep it coming.

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