Margaret Temple Bag

by Knight & Wells

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This beautiful temple bag is part of the new Knight & Wells collection of beautiful, modern temple products. The large Margaret Temple Bag features an adorable polka dot cut out pattern on the front of the bag. The interior can be closed with a top zipper and includes multiple expansive interior pockets. There are two large folder pockets and a mesh pocket on one side, along with three others pockets available for temple items on the other side. As an added bonus there is also a window pocket in which to place your temple recommend. Purchase this beautiful bag for yourself or a friend all year long.

Product Details

Dimensions17.5''x 5''x 13''
Material100% Polyurethane

About the Author

Knight & Wells

Sitting on the corner of Knight Street and Wells Street, the Nauvoo temple stands as a symbol of rich heritage and cultural importance. As the first temple in which the ordinances of eternal marriage and baptism for the dead were performed, the Nauvoo Temple has become an inspiration for the Knight & Wells brand, as it represents a perfect blend of beauty and tradition.

The Knight & Wells logo, an angel poised horizontally as if in flight, is a rendering inspired by the angel atop the Nauvoo temple in 1846—which was in fact, the first angel to appear on a Latter-day Saint temple.

Weaving together the timeless beauty we associate with Nauvoo and temples around the world with contemporary comfort and class, Knight & Wells provides comfortable, but stylish temple dresses, and temple bags for modern Latter-day Saint women.

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