A Temple Dressed in White, Saint George

by Dennis Lyman

  • 4716170 temple dressed in white
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4716170 temple dressed in white

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This video recounts the call of Jacob Hamblin to teach the Indians, the struggle to establish a cotton crop, and the building of a tabernacle and temple in St. George amid the intense heat, isolation, drought, flash floods, and disease that tested the settlers' faith and determination.

Released: November 2003
Length: 90 minutes

About the Author

Dennis Lyman

DENNIS LYMAN worked with Wilford Brimley and Dean May to produce the seven-part series, Utah Remembers, and worked on four ninety-minute documentaries on early pioneer temples of Utah. He helped produce Tongue Nor Pen Can Tell the Sorrow, shown at the Devil's Gate and Martin's Cove visitors center. Dennis was involved shooting the interviews, images, and documents for the Joseph Smith Papers television series and is currently the producer and videographer of the History of the Saints television documentary series.

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