Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, Vol. 10: Kingdoms and Conquerors

by Chris Heimerdinger

Kingdoms and conquerors

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Embark on an epic journey that spans centuries, continents, and the limits of your imagination as all of your favorite Tennis Shoes characters are thrown into a maelstrom of murderous intrigue and pulse-pounding suspense. Still searching for Joshua Plimpton — lost in an ancient American time warp — Stefanie and Harry Hawkins, along with their band of warriors and heroes, find themselves in the midst of a gathering storm unlike any other in Nephite history — the final struggle at Cumorah.

Meanwhile, as armies march and enemies plot against them, Meagan, Apollus, Ryan, and the Prophet Moroni must somehow reach General Mormon and Nephite headquarters to thwart the impending disaster. But can they defeat the darker threat that stirs among them?

Jim Hawkins and his sister Jenny may hold the answer as they fight for survival on the opposite side of the world, piecing together a mystery that could hold the key to everyone's safe return home — or it could spell certain doom in the abyss of time!

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About the Author

Chris Heimerdinger

CHRIS HEIMERDINGER is the writer/director of the movie Passage to Zarahemla and the songwriter/producer of the album Whispered Visions. However, he is the best known as the author of the popular Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Adventure series as well as Passage to Zarahemla. Chris has imagined a tale that bridges modern times with the world of The Book of Mormon. He has published a novel sequel to Passage entitled Escape From Zarahemla which ties together the Zarahemla world with the Tennis Shoes world in a unique and fascinating way. He has also recently published Muckwhip's Guide to Capturing the Latter-day Soul — a modern satire featuring a fictional devil named Muckwhip striving to “bring down” one specific member of the LDS faith. Chris is the father of five children and five step children. His second oldest son, Ammon, is currently serving a mission in Columbia, South America. The joys of Chris's life are his children and his eternal companion, Emily.

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This is definitely a must-read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

My husband got me hooked on this series when I was in college; he has so many fond memories of reading Tennis Shoes as a kid and I can't believe I missed it through my teen years! These are books that I now read over and over again and am so excited to introduce to my kids when they get older. You will be completely taken in by the characters and the way the scripture figures come to life. You will cry with them, rejoice with them, and just overall love these books-I need Chris to write the next one!!!

Get them all.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Every story is done well. The characters are funny and their adventures are entertaining.

what happens next?!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I enjoyed this book quiet a lot, though now I tend to skip past much of the text. I am, however, sad, cause it had a lame ending. I mean, I need to know what happens!!!!! When i first heard it, though, it was very, very suspenseful!

A little hard to follow
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have read all of the tinnis shoe books and have enjoyed them all. This one was a little harder to follow, too many different places to keep track of but I did enjoy it. I was a little disapointed that it ended before they got back home, this leaves you up in the air and now I will have to reread

This Book is AMAZING!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

OH my gosh this book was amazing there was so many twists and turns and it was so exciting, I couldnt put the book down I read it all through the night Chris has definitly done it agin i cant wait for the next book i will be so sad when the series is over but then you will finally know what happens in the end.

Major disappointment
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As a long time fan of Chris Heimerdinger, I couldn't wait for the continuation of his Tennis Shoes books series. Boy, talk about a real let-down. In this book he has eleven different points of view, draws out the battle scene--so much, that I got bored--and has some real cheesy dialogue. I got confused throughout the story as a couple of the characters sounded and acted exactly the same. The only people I think who'd enjoy this book are true blue fans. The strongest character, Joshua, only played a minor part in this book-hopefully in the next book, he'll have a bigger part.

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