Testimonies of the Book of Mormon Witnesses

by Various authors

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Product Description

The sharing of testimony is confirmed in our hearts as the Spirit bears witness of truth. The testimonies of those witnesses of the Book of Mormon in this book can burn in our hearts, strengthen our faith and fortify our minds – and we can know for ourselves that their words are true.

Chapters Include:

  • Oliver Cowdery His Life, Character and Testimony
  • Martin Harris, His Life, Character and Testimony
  • David Whitmer, His Life, Character and Testimony
  • The Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon: Life, Character and Testimony, Backman and Perkins
  • Additional Testimonies by Witnesses of the Plates And/or the Translation of the Book of Mormon
  • Testimony of Samuel H. Smith, Brother of the Prophet Joseph Smith
  • Testimony of Lucy Mack Smith, Mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith

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Envy-driven apostasy
By , Submitted on 2018-09-17

I just wanted to add one more comment to my favorable review of this excellent book. The authors do not hide any of the envy-driven apostasy which affected the witnesses to various degrees. I found it sad to read these portions of the book. For instance, David Whitmer considered the Prophet Joseph Smith a fallen prophet. Martin Harris had some very negative feelings toward the Prophet Brigham Young. This is not an annotated version, in which the false claims are repudiated, but instead, the book presents the beliefs of the witnesses as they came forth. It was painful to me to see these comments, all of which serve as a great warning to each one of us to hold to the iron rod and to the words and teachings of the Brethren. Reading some of additional details as to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon was very interesting to me. The Lord chose these men to be witnesses because of their integrity as to what they believed. They were considered upright citizens by their peers and contemporaries. I am grateful for my own personal witness of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

Testimony of the Book of Mormon Witnesses
By , Submitted on 2018-09-08

This is a must-read book. I was transported back to the times of the early Church history. I felt that I got to know the witnesses myself, through the reports of others. I will never read the testimony of the Book of Mormon witnesses while I read the Book of Mormon with the same eyes again. I am so grateful for the witnesses. One of the things I realized was that the witnesses never, never tired of sharing their testimony. Something similar has happened to me. As a young boy in Chile in 1970 (my father is Jewish and mother Chilean), a priest at our school in Santiago asked that we write a report on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I lived close to the mission home and got a copy of the Book of Mormon. As I opened that book, I had not yet turned 16, I received a witness of the Spirit that vibrates in my soul even more than 40 years have elapsed. Every time the missionaries come to my home they have to hear my Book of Mormon conversion. My wife and children tease that they have heard the story so many times that they could tell it. Work assignments took me around the world, giving me the opportunity to share my testimony around the world. So I understand the desire of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon to share with us their thrilling experience. I love the Book of Mormon and highly recommend Testimonies of the Book of Mormon Witnesses. I came to know Christ and His Church through the reading of the Book of Mormon. I was then 19 and read the book in four days and then called the missionaries and asked to be baptized. Where I received my school assignment as a youth to write a report on the Restored Church, now stands the Santiago, Chile temple.

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