The Christ Picture Pack

by Carl Bloch

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Perfect for lessons, home evening, baptism, or any even where visual depictions make an impact. Each pack comes with 12 - 3x4 images.

About the Author

Carl Bloch

Carl Heinrich Bloch, a Danish artist, was born in Copenhagen on May 23, 1834. He studied with Wilhelm Marstrand at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. His early work featured rural scenes from everyday life. From 1859 to 1866, Bloch lived in Italy, and this period was important for the development of his historical style.

His first great success was the exhibition of his "Prometheus Unbound" in Copenhagen in 1865. After the death of Marstrand, he finished the decoration of the ceremonial hall at the University of Copenhagen.

He was then commissioned to produce 23 paintings for the Chapel at Frederiksborg Palace. These were all scenes from the life of Christ which have become very popular as illustrations. Carl Bloch died in 1890 at the age of 63.

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