The Collected Writings of David L. Paulsen, Volumes 1-3

by David L. Paulsen, BYU Studies

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Product Description

David L. Paulsen, professor emeritus of the Brigham Young University Philosophy Department, is one of the most prominent LDS theologians. His writings span an impressive array of topics. BYU Studies has collected all his articles, book chapters, and reviews and arranged them by topic in three impressive ebooks.

The first volume includes a brief overview of Paulsen’s life; an account of a spiritual experience he had in Bellingham, Washington; and his writings on various theological topics: what it means to be Christian, Joseph Smith’s challenges to the theological world, a survey of teachings about Mother in Heaven, Trinitarianism, the problem of evil, the problem of the unevangelized, and redemption of the dead. The second volume contains Paulsen’s writings on the nature of God, including early Mormon modalism and other myths, the social model of the Trinity in 3 Nephi, the corporeality of God, divine determinateness, and the logically and ontologically possible proofs of God’s existence. The third volume includes dialogues with Christian theologian Clark Pinnock, a review of Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies, Paulsen’s replies to various reviews of his works, and Paulsen’s reviews of the work of others.

About the Authors

David L. Paulsen

David L. Paulsen earned a JD degree from the University of Chicago Law School and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Michigan. He retired from BYU after teaching philosophy there for thirty-nine years. David has published extensively in defense of our Mormon faith in BYU Studies, the Harvard Theological Review, Faith and Philosophy, The International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, and in other venues. He coauthored with Donald Musser Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies, and coauthored with Hal R. Boyd Are Christians Mormon? After his retirement from BYU, David and his eternal companion, Audrey, served a mission in Iceland.

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