The Contrite Spirit Combo (eBook and MP3 Audiobook)

by Bruce C. Hafen, Marie K. Hafen

Contrite spirit

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A friend once asked Elder Bruce C. Hafen, "If Jesus Christ is at the center of the gospel ad the center of the temple, why doesn't the temple endowment teach the story of the life of Christ? What's all this about Adam and Eve?" After thinking about this provocative question, Elder Hafen concluded, "I have come to believe that the story of Christ's life is the story of giving His Atonement, and the story of Adam and Eve is the story of receiving His Atonement—and their story is our story."

In The Contrite Spirit, Elder and Sister Hafen use the lens of the temple to share their insights about receiving the Atonement of Jesus Christ, shedding further light on the central doctrine of the gospel while deepening our understanding of temple ordinances. As we further explore the Atonement based on the covenants of the temple, we will better understand how the Atonement applies to us.

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Book on CD: Unabridged, 7 discs, approx. 8.5 hours

Unabridged audio book

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About the Authors

Bruce C. Hafen

Bruce C. Hafen was called to the First Quorum of the Seventy in 1996 and received emeritus status in 2010. A widely recognized family law scholar, he has served as president of BYU-Idaho and dean of the BYU law school. His trilogy on the Atonement included the bestseller The Broken Heart. Elder Hafen was recently president of the St. George Utah Temple.

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Marie K. Hafen

Marie K. Hafen received her bachelor's and master's degrees in English from BYU. She has taught English and religion classes at Ricks College and BYU. She has published articles in the Ensign and was coeditor of A Legacy Remembered, a selection of articles from the Relief Society Magazine. Marie has served as a member of the Deseret News Board of Directors.

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