The Road to Freedom

by Shawn Pollock

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World War II is ending, but for Captain Meier, the fight for his life has only begun. Stranded behind enemy lines and tormented by his past, his only ally is a young private who practices a strange American religion. As they travel through treacherous Russia, the two quickly realize they will have to trust in a merciful God to have any chance of escaping a deadly fate.

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Size6 x 9
PublishedCedar Fort 2017

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Shawn Pollock

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Great World War II novel, great characters and plot
By , Submitted on 2018-05-24

The Road to Freedom is a World War II novel. It’s a really well written one by a debut author. Many of the World War II books I’ve read include a bit of romance to break up the hard things that happen in the story. This one doesn’t really. I did like the way the author had the characters do flashbacks to important times in their lives. I loved the way the reader gets a sense of what the character is like and why from these flashbacks.

The main two characters in this one are Hans Kohler and Christoph Meier. They have an interesting connection. Christoph is the captain of Hans’ army unit. He’s a man of the world. He’s been in Hitler’s Youth patrol and was very close to becoming an SS Officer. His family was not happy when he decided not to become an SS Officer. His father had known Adolf Hitler and was close to him.

Hans is almost night and day different from Christoph. His family had been contacted by Mormon missionaries before the war. They joined the LDS Church and changed their lives all around for it. I loved the way he would pray and the answers to his prayers would always come. They always came in unusual and unexpected ways, but they always came.

There are other characters in this book, but Hans and Christoph are the only two the reader comes to know well. As you can imagine, on the field of battle, there are a lot of the characters who just don’t make it. These two happen to, most likely because of Hans’ prayers in their behalf.

The Road to Freedom shows a different side of World War II than you normally see. You see the point of view of a people who thought they were fighting for the right, when they were actually in the wrong. You see young men who were forced into a war that they should never have been forced into. And you see what happened to the men who were guards over the prison camps, both mentally and what happened when they were found.

The plot of this one is full of action and danger. I liked the way it grabbed my interest from the very beginning and it didn’t let go. There was always another danger around the next corner. Anytime I thought the two main characters would be out of trouble, they just weren’t. And the ending is so well done!

If you’re looking for a great World War II novel to read, look no further than this one!

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