They Saw Our Day

by Lance M. Richardson

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What Awaits America in the 21st Century?

'They Saw Our Day' shares prophecies and legends from cultures around the world foretelling what is to take place in our day.

Amazing prophecies were given to the Hopi Indians as well as the Mahayana of China, the Tibetans, Kikuyu of Africa, the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas of South America, and a great number of North American Indian tribes. Many of these prophecies came from a 'Great White Brother' who visited most of these peoples, taught them of peace, and prophesied what would occur to them until he returned in the 'last days' to help build a society of complete peace in this land. The coming forth of the automobile, airplanes, electricity, phone systems, man on the moon, great wars, climactical disasters, and even cloning were foretold. Three 'great shakings' of the earth were also prophesied. The third is yet to take place. Many significant signs and warnings were given to watch for the final 'great shaking' or 'time of purification.' After that cleansing, a time of complete peace was to come upon this land.

Also contained herein is the vision of General George Washington which he beheld at Valley Forge, selected quatrains from Nostradamus, as well as verses from the noted Mother Shipton.

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very insightful
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I really enjoyed this leture given by Lance Richardson. His research proves the Book of Mormon and Christ's visit to the Americas. I loved hearing the stories from the ancesters of many Indian tribes. You can see how they have some truths but not the fulness. It is easy to understand why the Lamanite decendents may recognize the teaching of the gospel from their own history. Many of the signs are recognizable now and it will be interesting to see if other signs they believe will occur also.

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