For Time and All Absurdity

by Robert Farrell Smith


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Ian Smith's world has crumbled. While he was on his mission, the girl of his dreams went off and got married. Theirs was to have been a match made in heaven, and Ian can't believe that Bronwyn is really, finally, irredeemably out of reach. And when his dad runs afoul of the law, it would seem that things couldn't get much worse.

Lost and disheartened and tormented by the loss of his one and only love, Ian ventures back into college. There he is saddled with one of the most irritating roommates anyone ever endured and begins an odyssey of dating misadventures that will make you wince.

If you've ever been in love, gotten 'Dear Johned,' gone to college, or endured a nightmare blind date, you'll recognize this cast of characters.

Author Robert Farrell Smith has conjured up another farcical masterpiece. One that will leave you howling with laughter and rooting for Ian to finally catch a break.

Published: June 2002
Pages: 160

About the Author

Robert Farrell Smith

Robert Farrell Smith lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife, Krista, his daughters, Kindred Anne and Phoebe Hope, and his son, Bennett Williams. He is the manager of a Deseret Book store in New Mexico.

Robert is a man with few hobbies. He played the drums for one and a half weeks when he was ten and took two tennis lessons back in 1996. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on whom you ask, writing is the one thing he stuck with. As a result, Robert is the author of several funny books, including the Trust Williams Trilogy. Robert's fourth-grade teacher promised that if he worked harded he would someday amount to something. There are those who would argue that point.

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