A Time to Die: A Shandra Covington Mystery

by Jeffrey S. Savage

A time to die

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Product Description

When reporter Shandra Covington finds her best friend, Bobby Richter, close to death on Shandra’s apartment floor, she knows the bullet was meant for her. Making matters worse, Bobby’s fiancée is making sure Shandra gets nowhere near the hospital room where Bobby lies in a coma. With her apartment in shambles and possibly still dangerous, Shandra is forced to stay with her tough-as-nails Harley-riding private investigator friend.

In an attempt to clear her mind, Shandra agrees to do a newspaper story on the death of a prominent politician’s daughter. But what she thought was a simple overdose story soon grows into something much more sinister when she finds a common thread with the recent deaths of several young women — all thought to be overdose victims.

What do the clues mean? The only person who knows for sure is the Time Keeper — a self-proclaimed true romantic who devotedly tapes a picture of each new love to the bedside wall of his ailing sister. However, the pictures are obituaries spreading across the wall like macabre wallpaper. Time to unravel the mystery is quickly ticking away as Bobby’s life hangs by a thread — and the next “girlfriend” on the Time Keeper’s list is Shandra.

About the Author

Jeffrey S. Savage

Jeffrey S. Savage is the best-selling author of the techno- thriller Cutting Edge. He, and his wife, and their four children recently moved from San Jose, CA, to Spanish Fork, UT.

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A thought-provoking mystery with memorable scenes
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Jeff Savage's latest Shandra Covington book does not disappoint. It is filled with very memorable slices of life and even minor characters shine.

It's been YEARS since we had a resolution on the cliffhanger from Dead on Arrival. While the book addresses that dire situation, it doesn't actually resolve it until the final pages. This chapter is about a new mystery for Shandra, the intrepid little reporter. She is trying to track down the person responsible for a couple of drugs-related murders. We get a glimpse into the private life of this Timekeeper, but he manages to stay a few steps ahead of the investigation until Shandra gets too close and becomes a target.

There are a number of scenes where the vivid imagery sticks in your mind. One describes a young Shandra and Bobby having a monster ice cream sundae race that turns into war. Others describe various gastronomical nightmares - some of which are supposed to be delicious, but you have to wonder.... Jeff has done a remarkable job here creating these visions in my head (and on my taste buds.)

This book does not tie up all of the loose ends and while there is a slight cliffhanger, it's not the sort that will have you throwing books like I did at end of the last one. Instead, I found myself thinking about the case, trying to unravel certain aspects of it. I am happy to recommend A Time to Die to everyone who loves a good mystery with interesting characters and an in-depth story.

The Best In The Series!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

All I can say first is...I loved it!! It was well worth the LONG wait. I think it is the best in the Shandra Covington mystery series. I read this book in less than 24 hours...not consecutively, I had to sleep. The bad guy in "A Time to Die" is super creepy.You know what kind I am talking about, the kind that makes you squirm and feel nauseous. The Timekeeper is one bad guy you won't forget for a long time. I have a feeling that we may be seeing more of him in the future.

The best part of all, is that you finally find out what happened to Bobby! I hope in the next Shandra book we get to see and hear more from Bobby. I also could not help laughing every time Officer Dashner and Officer Wells are talking in the book. Jeff has included two of his real life author friends{James Dashner and Rob Wells} as characters in his story. Funny thing is, every time one of them says something in the story, I can see the real person saying it. Thanks for a good laugh with that.

The last thing I will say is this, PLEASE Jeff Savage, don't make us wait so long until the next Shandra book comes out. You of course, ended this book with another cliffhanger that will just keep your readers coming back for more. At least this time, I know what happened to Bobby!

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