A Time of Forgiving - The Musical

by Paul "Cactus Jack" La MARR


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It is Christmas Eve and everything is as perfect as Carol can possibly make it. The house is decorated perfectly; the traditional Christmas Eve family meal was perfect, the children are behaving perfectly and the extended family all say the perfect things at the perfect time. In fact everyone is afraid to be any- thing less than perfect just in case the most heart breaking flaw of their night is acknowledged...he isn’t there. Only few hours before, Carol and her husband Josh ended their twelve year marriage. A Time for Forgiving is an extraordinary yet relevant Christmas story that will pick you up by your heart and carry you into the journey of a family who, like so many modern families, are confronted with the crumbling of their very foundations. Will the pride, hurt, resentment and bitterness that have permeated so slowly and deeply into their marriage break Josh and Carol apart forever...or...will this be the Christmas Eve they learn that Christmas is not a time to give but a Time to Forgive.


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A musical story of forgiveness at Christmas
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This CD contains music unique to Paul Cactus-Jack La Marr--you won't find anything like it anywhere. There are songs on here that will touch your soul, songs that will make you laugh, and songs that will make you cry... but you won't be able to keep from listening to it over and over again.

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