The Time-Starved Family

by DeAnne Flynn

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You're busy. Your spouse is busy. Your children are busy. So when do you find time to spend together as a family? Is it possible to foster individual interests and talents in your children while still focusing on the things that will bring you the greatest rewards as a family?

As a mother of seven children, DeAnne Flynn has experienced firsthand the challenge of staying balanced in a world where jam-packed calendars have taken a huge toll on family time. The sixteen practical ideas in this book will help families break out of the hectic, over-scheduled, under-connected way of life that has become the norm for both parents and children. Her sensible and realistic approach will help relieve anxiety, encourage self-reliance in kids, and restore order and simplicity to daily family life. Isn't it time to refocus your energy on the best choices for your family?

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DeAnne Flynn

DeAnne Flynn is the grateful (and tired) mother of seven active children, ranging in age from twenty-one to eight. She graduated with high honors in broadcast journalism from Brigham Young University, served an LDS mission to New England, and worked as a news anchor/reporter in both radio and television before hosting a national business talk show for a private satellite television network. For years she enjoyed being a freelance scriptwriter and has written both lyrics and melody lines for several national jingles. She also worked as the public relations director for an international real estate firm before becoming a mother.

Today, as chief executive nose-wiper, schedule-keeper, and bedtime story teller, DeAnne feels she's earned an advanced degree in "Managing Busy Lives." She is the author of The Time-Starved Family: Helping Overloaded Families Focus on What Matters Most, and The Mother's Mite: Why Even Our Smallest Efforts Matter. She and her husband, Craig, reside near Salt Lake City.

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Great book for families--regardless of busyness
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

While I went into reading this book thinking it wasn't for me (because we are not currently over-scheduled with extra-curricular activities), I found MANY truths that apply to all families regardless of size and circumstance. As a mother of 6 kids, I often feel overwhelmed, but as DeAnne Flynn suggests, we need to focus on the things that matter most--preparing to meet God. I think we do need to simplify our lives and get to the basics of scriptures, prayers, family home evening and spending time together as a family, as Flynn states. By doing these things, it will ultimately prepare us and our children for life and the eternities. From over-scheduling to homework to organizing our homes and our lives, Flynn covers it all. Summing it up--you need to find what works for your family, and if it isn't working, it's time to simplify and eliminate. Great book for families!

This book helped me remember to focus on the things tht matter most.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

After listening to DeAnne at Time Out for Women, I bought her book and enjoyed reading it. It had some great thoughts that made me realize I was doing some things well and others I needed to work on. My family isn't too sure about some of my new ideas, but they will catch on. Thank you DeAnne for sharing your wonderful stories and being so honest. You are making a difference in the lives of mothers.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

After hearing DeAnne speak at 'Time Out For Women' in Phoenix, I ran out and bought the book immediately. I devoured it up in the airport and on the plane home. I had already finished it by the time we landed! I felt like she was speaking directly to me! My life is crazy right now, with me working outside the home, chasing two teenagers around sports activities, supporting a missionary, being a first-time grandma, and serving as Relief Society President. The point I gained the most from the book was the fact that I've got to take my family back. DeAnne gave me some great ideas on how to begin. She has been able to do this with seven children and manage beautifully. . . I should be able to begin this with four! I can already see changes. . we sat down during a FHE,set some goals, and things are beginning! Thank you!

Perfect tool to help implement balance and perspective into our busy lives!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book, in conjunction with much prayer, has really helped center my focus and perspective back to where it needs to be. My boys are 3 and 4, and I just passed all my financial licensing exams to work part-time as a financial and investment advisor for a firm in Miami. After getting an MBA, running my own start-up company for 5 years prior to having kids, taking a break to have a couple of kids, then to get back into a career a little, trying to use my education and skills to help others, I have had quite the ride since January trying to strike a balance. My husband and I are both very driven individuals, and type-A personalities - he's a nuclear engineer & Quorum President. It's hard to accept that sometimes, we just can't do it all and do it all well.

Thank you to Deanne Flynn for listening to spirit and being so inspired to write this book. I know it couldn't have been a small feat to put together such a wonderful tool that will benefit so many women in the years to come. I already have several friends reading this book. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders by prioritizing my "balance" around things like, "setting a time for dinner, having it in our dining room, and planning our meals" - simple, but yet so profound! Keeping it simple for our children and not comparing them to every other Jones Family on the block. Having prayer on the stairs...communication basics with your spouse...etc.

I respect Deanne Flynn on many levels and feel as if I became her friend by reading this book. Heavenly Father has communicated to me through this book, and I'm glad I listened to that small voice and got it at Time Out for Women. It has saved me months if not years of regret. I'm sure I will re-read again serveral time when I need a reminder of why I am here on this earth and what I need to be doing FIRST!

Thumbs up! This was an incredible read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am a mother of three small children. I am constantly trying to juggle a million activities for each child. This book totally put things back into perspective-reminding me what is truly important. I would recommend this book to all. It was definitely a book that everyone will enjoy!

Hey Depleted Mom--This is for you!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

You've thought about it for awhile now...You know something has to give. Learn how to organize your life and start taking the steps you need to to get it back. Well worth the read time.

A well-written and practical approach to parenting...
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I cannot say enough positive comments about this book. I found it inspiring, informative, practical, humorous, thoughtful, and extremely well-written. As a first time mother-to-be, this book was exactly what I needed to calm my fears and to realize that it's okay to make mistakes and to be a parenting "work in progress". I love DeAnne's personal examples and her willingness to admit that even she doesn't get it right all the time. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for practical and realistic ways to become a better parent...

Timely and Well-Written
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book gives thoughtful and practical advice in a stressful and fast-paced world that strives to undo family ties and spread us all too thin. Now that my children are grown I realize how quickly those precious young years pass by. Today, more than ever before, parents need to reassess their family’s many involvements and truly “focus on what matters most”.

The Time Starved Family is a great resource for busy households. I loved the practical suggestions for simplifying and making our family time more enjoyable.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The Time Starved Family is a great resource for busy households. I loved the practical suggestions for simplifying and making our family time more enjoyable.

An absolute must read for all families!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have 5 children ranging from third grade to medical school and this book is an inspiration! Laced with self deprecating humor Mrs. Flynn takes us through the challenges of parenthood with humor, real solutions and insight that can only come from experience in the trenches! I will read this book again and again as I strive to bring my family together in love and peace in a world that constantly fights those goals. Brilliant. When is her next book coming out?!
Judi Bourne Salt Lake City, Utah

I wish I had had this book when I was a young mom rushing around trying to keep up with all of my children's busy schedules!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I loved the book! I only wish I had had it earlier on in my life when my children were younger. It was then that I felt like a squashed cabbage at the end of the day. DeAnne combines practical ways for the young mom to help her children achieve their potential while still keeping her own sanity. I gave each of my own grown girls their own copy for Mother's Day so they could retain their focus when those days come as we know they surely will!

"Time-Starved Family" is a courageous expose and one that rings loud and true into today's culture.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The title of Deanne Flynn's book "Time-Starved Family" hits at the heart of its relevant message. Sister Flynn has a way of digging deep into the pitfalls of harried and overscheduled family life that we too often find ourselves in. Her personal and supportive stories and perfectly and humorously illustrate her premise that Satan is indeed distracting families from the simple foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is a courageous expose and one that rings loud and true in todays culture!

A tool to reach your real family goals
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A quick read, full of many ideas for the busy family that does not have much time to enjoy a book on improving family life. If applied, the ideas can make the busy family pattern a thing of the past. Thanks for giving us this tool that can help us reach our true family goals!

"The Time-Starved Family" is a must-read for Mormon mothers!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

"The Time-Starved Family" is a must-read for Mormon mothers! As we raise our children, DeAnne Flynn reminds us to put spiritual-development before talent-development, for this is the key to having a balanced and happy family. I continue to help my four children develop their talents, but I am focusing much more attention on developing our family relationships and spirituality...And our family is "thriving, not just surviving!!!" Thanks DeAnne!

This book is a treasure of ideas.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Upon reading this book I immediately purchased more copies to give to my daughters and several young friends who are busy mothers trying to do it all. I remember what it was like. To make changes within a large family is not an easy task and as Sister Flynn shows us it takes cooperation of the parents first and then the children to bring this about. I liked her way of suggesting by showing what worked in her family. Life is all about looking around, gathering ideas and then implementing what we think will bring us closer to our objectives. The times in which we live leave no room for procrastination. I think you should read this book today. – Ann Marie Van Blankenstein, Woodland, WA

A must-read for every parent!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE The Time Starved Family! My husband even read it. He and I have had a lot of neat discussions about the principles in this book, and as we’ve started to apply some of Deanne’s ideas, we’re already seeing improvement in our young family!

As a mother of seven children myself, ranging from twenty-three to six, DeAnne's book was filled with great spiritual insight, as well as a fun, yet realistic view of raising families in a hectic world.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As a mother of seven children, ranging from ages twenty-three to six, I was amazed at the great insights which DeAnne brought into her book! A great, quick read filled with spirituality, mixed with real life and humor! DeAnne is a wonderful writer with a realistic view on motherhood and raising families!

"The Time-Starved Family" is for every family.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

"The Time-Starved Family" reads like I am chatting with a good friend. I enjoyed DeAnne's mix of practical and spiritual advice that I can really apply to my family. The information was presented in a simple way, which I appreciated as I read the book in bits and pieces around my busy schedule. The facts in "The Time-Starved Family" were well researched by the "experts" as well as practically researched through DeAnne sharing her vast parenting experience. I would like to read more in the future from DeAnne Flynn.

One of the most important books written about raising families.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I wish that I had this book available to me when I was in the middle of raising my six children! I have given copies of this book to all of my married children. Guilt seems to be one of the constant feelings we have as Latter-day saint women. Most of us feel overwhelmed and guilty about what we are accomplishing in our lives. We are simply overloaded and wondering if our most important calling as mothers will measure up to what we have envisioned for ourselves and our children. The Time-Starved Family helps us to focus on what things really do matter in the short time we have with our children. Practical helps and sound advice are given to those who struggle thinking that we have to raise our children the same as everyone else in the neighborhood. I truely felt that this book could not have been written by anyone who had not raised a large family. DeAnne knows what it is like and has proven that we can cut back and have wonderful results. I have used her ideas with my two remaining children at home and actually felt liberated, calm and energized knowing that I am doing what matters most and letting go of the non essentials. It is a must have book to be read often so we stay in tune and in balance with what is most important in our lives.

An authentic author gives us great food for thought: have the courage to change life and make it better~!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I myself write and speak on the subject of cultivating our families into good strong people who have the confidence to reach their potential. Often confusing is the issue of how much is too much. Deanne safely lands us on ground that confirms we are meant to have joy but not stress. I love the portrayal of realness that I sense from the author. She is not guessing, she is not Oprah advising on something she has never done, she is Deanne Flynn a real mother who took risks, gives her all but knows when to make a judgement call that enough is enough.

Well done! I admire you.

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