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Have it! Love it! Sucker for anything Jeffrey R. Holland
By , Submitted on 2019-04-15

Author: Jeffrey R. Holland?

In the shopping basket it goes, no need to read topic or preface! He has a wonderful way of talking directly and yet touchingly soft you don’t realize until afterwards it was a bit of spiritual thump on the head ha ha

New to the church and although married, I am the sole spiritual leader of my home and children. This book offered a lot of comfort and love. Highly recommend!

This Book is So Good!!
By , Submitted on 2017-02-15

I love every talk, every book and everything that Elder Holland says! He is so wonderful! This book was even better though because he has his sweet wife in the book as well. The chapters shift back and forth between him and his wife and there is one chapter that they talk together. It is so touching and so wonderful! Some of the chapters come from talks that were given in the past and other chapters had things I had not heard before. This book is directed towards mothers though I believe single, child-less and older women could get something out of it as well. This book would make a perfect Mother's Day gift or Birthday present to a special mother in your life. I loved it!

What a great little book about mothers!
By , Submitted on 2016-09-29

This is a great little book. I enjoyed reading every bit of it.

This book has one talk about mothers by Elder Jeffrey R Holland. I loved it when he gave it and just as much when I reread it as part of this book.

Then there is a section by Patricia Holland, I was amazed by just how much I enjoyed reading what she had written. She really has a way of almost reaching through the book and wrapping you in a big hug. I loved that as I was reading this part by her, I felt that even with as imperfect as I am, I'm still okay, and loved by my Father in Heaven and by Sister Holland too.

Then there's a really fun section where the Hollands kind of go back and forth in talking. There was a really cute family history story that they shared and I loved the way that they were able to talk about mothers this way. I loved the end where they both shared their testimonies.

Then there's another shorter section by Elder Holland, I'm not sure if it was a talk or just something he wrote, but I loved this one too.

This book is a perfect book and should be read by mother's everywhere!

Great Message
By , Submitted on 2016-04-26

I picked up this book thinking it would be a great little gift. Since I am not a mother, I didn't really expect it to apply to me much. But I love the Hollands, so I decided to read it first. I was so glad I did. For me, the second chapter by Patricia Holland was just what I needed. The message about priorities and taking care of ourselves as women was just what my little soul needed. The one thing that stood out to me was how she admonished us to not compare ourselves to others so that we can not only be less critical of our selves, but so we can also appreciate others gifts more fully.

It's a great little gift book, but I recommend getting one for yourself too.